Wednesday, September 30, 2009


over the weekend a good friend of mine had a going away party.
yes, the one with the beard.
i'm still laughing about that thing.
andrew burton.

but he's been such a good friend throughout the years.
his group of friends and our group of girls all hung out in high school. after all my close girlfriends got married in college, he was one of my only friends i hung out with daily. and he was there for me after i broke off my first engagement. i consider him such a good friend.

anyways, he's moving to lebanon.
i know, random, but i'm really excited for him.
he's going to study arabic for a couple of years and live with the people.
i personally am jealous.
i think traveling like that would be the ultimate dream.

seeing him off was just awesome and i couldn't be more excited for him to venture out!


i'm obsessed with riding my bike home in this fall weather.

i'm obsessed with pumpkin right now. the smell, the taste, the color.

i'm obsessed with people dropping by unexpected and hanging out.

i'm obsessed with unexpected texts from friends.

i'm obsessed with the song won't you come again by susie suh.

i'm obsessed with the scent of camu camu.

i'm obsessed with clean, folded laundry all over the couches and the smell from the detergent that fills the room.

i'm obsessed with dim lighting.

i'm obsessed with freshly picked flowers from neighbors and their kids.

i'm obsessed with the tunnels of trees in salt lake city.

i'm obsessed with cooking in our little kitchen.

i'm obsessed with random checker games with leslie while at work.

i'm obsessed with waking up from water pouring out the rain gutter right next to our window, and not my alarm clock.

i'm obsessed with rainy days.

(picture by brette)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

sometimes its a good thing having our camera with us at all times

i love the little things like this that change up your day.
even if it is just a clown noticing us taking pictures of him and playing along.

Monday, September 28, 2009

we cherish the sundays

i do dinner.
he does dessert.

i try to compete, but always end up looking like an idiot.
his balancing skills literally left me floored.

p.s. we honestly had to stop the car and wait for this hellish creature to cross the road. no lie, and no exaggeration-it was about the size of our hands

loved this.

"it is more important to be kind,
than right."

Saturday, September 26, 2009

nightmare on 13th.

yes...yes we did go to settebelo's again.
but this time was different.
this time was by far the best experience we've had so far at settebelo's.
and i'll tell you why.
the waiter actually granted us a menu wish by saying, "ya i can put extra tomatoes and mozzarella on because your a regular."
my heart sang. and then i looked over at brad, and his heart was singing.
we were the 2 most happiest people eating in that restaurant that night for sure.
he called us regulars. not because we said we were.
but by him actually seeing us every weekend.
and by him saying that, made us want to come in daily.
soooooo, whoever is down-PLEASE JOIN US!

but it was also a blast because we were there with the best of high school friends a girl could ask for! (we wish you were there with us racquel and chels!)
our husbands refused to be in the pictures. which we were completely content with.
me and brad are always at our highest degree of happiness when we are there.

we then went to the one and only nightmare on 13th. for some reason we were all ecstatic because a)we haven't been to a haunted house in years,
and b)we were going through it together, which of course made us feel like we were in high school all over again.

and now that we're much older and mature now, and also being butt loaded rich......we decided to ditch the lines and hit up the fast pass.
yes, we all felt cool passing everyone in line, and we all did, in fact, feel butt loaded rich. which, none of us are either unfortunately.

brad got some random shots from behind his back throughout the house which made us so happy when we were able to look through them after we were out.

oh what was that? what did you just ask? if kristin garbett smith is pregnant?
why, that's funny, because YES! SHE IS!!!!

(i asked her if i can announce it on my blog since she doesn't have one-and she was 100% happy with the idea.)

Friday, September 25, 2009

this is how we do it in the 801

have a superb weekend everyone!
livin in the 801.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


a time that is usually wasted watching tv.

tuesday night i was sicker than a dog. i wanted to do nothing but sink into the mattress.
the most wonderful neighbor came over and kindly offered me some herbal tea.
9:00 o'clock rolled around.
i was ready for bed.
brad pulled out his book. i pulled out my magazine. and we just read.
our window was open so we felt that fall, nighttime breeze.
crickets were louder than ever.
not a word being said.
just simply drinking herbal tea with our heads propped up against pillows, reading.

i have never felt so satisfied in my life.

this might be your nightly ritual. but for us, it was rare.............................................and i loved it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

nothing beats playin bingo with the old folks

(i don't know why, but i look cross-eyed in this picture)

so, we might have to admit our ward is growing on us. despite that half the ward is either in a wheel chair, or over the age of 65
(promise i loved your comment allie, because we have the same kind of ward)
we still look forward to church every sunday.

brad planned a bingo night with a bbq for our ward over the weekend.
i'll be honest, we were buck nervous of how it would turn out,
but it was an awesome outcome!
and i truly think it was because of bingo...
i did win once. very proud moment for me.

she got so into calling
out the numbers.
she was so cute and perfect for the job.
(she's one of the senior missionaries for our ward.
and don't worry-we have 6 missionary couples as of right now.)

the 2 ultimate winners of the blackout. there prizes were gift cards.
i'm tellin ya, when your college students, nothing is better.

i loved it,
and next time i'll let
everyone in on the bingo night if we ever plan one again.

we need more of old folks love...

there was a 78 year old woman that came into the clinic today with her husband. the husband's arm was around the woman the entire time she walked through the door, filled out her paper work, to the time i told them it was her turn for her procedure.

they were such a cute couple. both very calm and both had these little smiles on there faces. almost grinning like they were happy to be here. (never is anyone happy to be here considering the kind of procedure they are about to get)
he came up and gently pulled me by the arm, "can i go sit by her during her procedure? i just wanted to hold her hand through it all".

it broke my heart telling him he couldn't because of HIPPA reasons.

she pulled his face in and kissed the part that she scrunched with her hands. "oh your so cute" is what she said after kissing him.

i started walking her back to the room and she then again said, "oh he is so cute". and honestly giggled after she said that.

i couldn't help but ask "how long have you 2 been married for?"

"62 years" she said. (i was expecting her to say 3 years from how they were acting with each other.)

again, i couldn't help but ask, "well gosh what's the secret to that kind of marriage?"

she hugged me and said, "never say anything bad about each other".

melted me. this cute little couple melted me.
we need more of that i say.

(p.s. promise i was too embarrassed to keep that last post up from dear old booradley. but i do love him. and am oh so grateful for that hunk of a man. )

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

families are good to have....

thank you sooooo much ryan and liz for the michigan scrubs!
i'm obsessed with them!

that was the BESTsurprise ever!!
i forgot how incredibly exciting it is to get something in the mail that is so unexpected.

Monday, September 21, 2009

bundle of deliciousness

it was this perfect little bundle of delicious birthday.
i can't even tell you how much we all love her.
how much we all squeeze her thighs and smoosh our faces into her cheeks. she smiles when we want her to smile. laughs when we want her to laugh, and makes us "OOO" and "AWWW" every time we bloody see her.
i love her dearly. oh so dearly.
and stace did an amazing job on the cakes. they were incredible and easy on the eyes.
and of course birthdays always come with the best part...
being with the fam. this crazy mess of a family.
love 'em.

for more pics of this perfection of a here.
she always does a better job when it comes to pictures:)