Thursday, December 20, 2007

the new job

It's official, I got a new job! Thought some changes needed to be made and school was becoming more and more important, I just hate that it took 3 years for me to figure it out! I got a new job called Rescue Alert, formally owned by the Bangerter family. I'm starting school in January and I'm literally as nervous as heck! I went to one semester of school after I graduated, but it was basically, not only a waist of money, but just a party to me, or I thought thats how it was supposed to be-I just didn't know how to handle all the freedom. So now that I know what I want to do, i'm going back and hopefully it's a little different from the last college experience! Hope your Christmas Season is going great, and yes, I am aware that not one picture has been posted about Christmas from us yet, but there will be pics after:). EVERYONE HAVE A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS!!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


WOOOHOOOO!!! LAS VEGAS BABY!! This past weekend Me, Brad, Kelly and Candace all drove to St. George, stayed the night at Kelly's grandma and grandpa's house and that following morning drove to Vegas and spent the day! A day is all I can pretty much handle there and to be honest it's not even the day that is fun, its seriously all for the night life there!

The first thing we did when we got there was the STRATOSPHERE!! Candace wanted to go on the ride that tips you over the edge so bad-but us 3 were seriously just straight scared out of our minds. There were 3 rides up there, the Scream (that cart that tips you over the edge), Insanity (You sit in seats that spins you over the edge), and the Big Shot (the ride that just shoots you to the top of the Stratosphere). They went on the Big Shot and the Scream that tips you over...I lost weight just watching the ride! I was the most scared out of everyone there, I refused to go on any of them-well, they finally begged me to go on the Insanity, its the one that you sit in these seats and it hangs you over 1,700 feet and spins you....bawled, I literally opened my eyes once and when I did, I honest to goodness started bawling! I have never ever in my entire life been so scared as I was when I was on that ride!!

The rest of the day was spent safely on the ground where all the fun was happening. We hit up the MGM Grand and took a quick look at the lions, we ate at the Rio Buffet, which was incredible food, and then we of course gambled just once...and let me add, I won 15 buckaroonies and I'm still smiling from it. We watched the Water Show at the Belagio which, no matter how many times you have seen it, still is so great to watch!

Here is Candace, Kelly and Brad on the Scream-worst ride ever made and even though they said they had fun on it, I guarantee they were scared out of there minds...

Had to include the good old dance show that was going on while we were throwing in the quarters:).

It was way fun and we couldn't have been happier that we went on this trip! It was an awesome little get-a-way and we hope to go again soon!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

the cabin

It has always been tradition to go up to Kristin's cabin for all of us 5 girls since high school. All of us girls usually get together about once a month, and this time we headed up to Kristin's cabin with all the husbands. It was a BLAST! Kristin and Taylor made some hamburger's and then we played some games. It is just the best way to get away from everything and just have a dang good time!

(Melissa, Kristin, Racquel, Chelsey, Cherelle)

Here is the whole gang. Its hard to see everyone, the lighting wasn't the best, but we got what we could!

Kristin and Taylor slaving away while all of us are taking it easy and enjoying every bite

Here is another shot of all the girls, it really is so fun when we all get together! We have all stayed such close Friends since High School and it gets even better when we are able to hang out with all the busy schedules!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

HALLOWEEN-and everything that comes with it

HALLOWEEN! I'll be honest, its not a holiday I usually look forward to, but this year it was awesome! I thought me and Brad were going to end up just watching a scary movie by ourselves because, well, I guess I just thought now that we were married we had to plan on just hanging out with each other due to people having there own plans. But we actually had a blast this year!

We went to the haunted corn maze with Kelley and his fiance, Candace. Umm, and I don't care what anyone says, that clown looks like something straight out of my worst nightmare, so I had to take a picture.

A good of friend of ours from work does make up professionally so she came and did all of our faces...the 3 girls above, believe it or not, were done with nothing but eye shadow. She did those masks with just eye shadow, it looked incredible! (Girls above-Kim, Shonna and Mary-all the girls I work with)

The Monday before Halloween Allie and Matt Mcfarland had a little party in there barn, so we thought we would for sure go all out and get decked out, we went and ended up, not only being the only ones this decked out in our costumes, but I think we also ended up scaring all the kids that were there-but I guess that just goes to show how real we looked with our tats..just hard PUNKS! Thanks Allie for inviting us, we really did have a great time!!
Thought I would put in a picture of Russell's great costume, Brads younger brother. Awwwww, doesn't he look so cute?
Halloween night we had a little get together with all of brad's friends and there wives/fiance's. We had some good Sloppy Joes made by Lisa and Jeff, they made the party awesome! After we played some games and then of course watched a scary movie. Loved all there costumes and had an awesome time with them, we always have such a great time when we are all together-can't wait till next year!!! So I hope you all had an awesome HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

BYU Game

Me and Brad hit up the BYU game this past Saturday! Umm, sure didn't know it was going to snow that day! Brad thought the traffic would be nasty so we, yup decided to leave 2 and a half hours early and it took us the usual 30 minutes to get there. So of course we had to sit out in the bleachers until the game started while we were freezing our faces off! But even though it was way cold, we still had a way good time!

Notice there is not one soul behind us..well, this was 2 hours before the game started, so don't think the bleachers were that empty the whole time, we just needed something to think about so we weren't dwelling on the snot running down our faces.. and decided to take some pics.

Here are some of Brad's freinds that we met up with at the game. Jory and Brian, they made the game even more fun when they showed up!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bear Lake with the Friends

This past weekend we went up to Bear Lake to spend the weekend at Tori and Ryan's cabin. This has been the third year we have all done this, it has started to become a tradition and it always ends up being a BLAST! We have these little traditions that we all end up doing-starting with carving pumpkins of course.
We always watch a scary movie too to get the Halloween feeling going. Another game we play that is tradition is the Dare game. I recommend it to everyone! What we do is we scatter out some cards and face them down. We go around each person and we each pick up a card until someone flips over the Ace of Spades. That person that ends up pulling that card has to do a dare that we all decide on. It always is so fun and I honestly hope to always keep this game a tradition! If you want to see more pictures, go to Tori and Ryan Goodrich's Blog..

would have had more pictures but I went to delete a picture and it ended up erasing every picture that we had in our camera...ticked! I was ticked, but thanks goodness I blog or else we wouldn't have any pictures:). Here is a picture of the group with all there pumpkins! (Ryan and Tori, Brad and me, Dave and McCall, Kelly and Melissa, and Jordan)

Saturday, October 6, 2007

the perfect slap...

Ok, Well, today is Conference and usually all the guys in Brad's family, which is basically his whole family but his mom, play some football. They decided to play in Provo this time which was fine, my plans were going to be consisted of getting ready and going over to my house to hang out, well Brad calls and tells me he accidently grabbed the keys to our one and only car, so now i'm literally stuck in our apartment till after he gets home from Priesthood just thinking of things to of course I resort to blogging!

So now let me explain the pictures, Hahaha-in high school me and my freinds would always cup our hands and slap right in the middle of the love-handles right on the lower part of the spine. Ok, so maybe I would just do that to my freinds to get a reaction, but last night I remember that old slapparooni so I decided to try it on Brad-of course his first reaction was to scream out in pain, but then once we pulled up his shirt to take a look at what I had done, we both burst out laughing and we couldn't stop from the hand mark that was left so perfectly on his back. You might not get the kick out of it that we got, but we couldn't get over how perfect my hand looked on his skin. I know...random, but I couldn't resist share my happiness from that hand print. I guess it just goes to show I sure don't know my own strength:)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

ITS ABOUT TIME!! (Labor Day)

OK, I finally did it!! There were so many pictures and only some that i'm able to post so I just got the basics of everything we were able to do! My parents are well known for planning some good get-togethers with all the relatives, so this year for Labor Day they planned a trip to Wolf Creek, Eden. They rented a fun house with some of the best views, this one is off of the back patio....
Here is the house that we stayed in..

My family is so competitive-Scrabble, doing hair and of course the funnest game in the world, Wii...the boxing game. We had some pretty awesome challenges!

Here are some pics from the mallow roast that we had, Jay put on a great fire!
I COULD NOT RESIST putting this picture on of Stacie and Jax...Love it!

Carson won every single chicken fight, for all of you who don't know my family pretty good, Carson is the second youngest and everyone he went up against that was older then him he won! Nothing but proud of him!

There were some pictures I didn't have, and that was our whole family getting sick from the public pools! It was awful! After the weekend we all got home and every person but some of the adults were sicker then dogs! Me and Brad were for sure some of those people...highly recommend not getting in any public pools for awhile, that sickness does exist!

Above all, we had an awesome time and love all the chances we are able to get with the family, my parents did an awesome job with this Labor Day, we sure love all of you guys!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I'm still alive!!!!

Ok, I don't have any pictures, I don't have any cool titles or stories, all I am going to blog about is that I am honestly still alive, I'm so sorry for all of you who take the time to check out my blog and honestly get disappointed to see the same dad-gum pictures from New Port. I have done things but of course, me and Brad forgot our camera over Labor Day, i'm just waiting to get some pics from that weekend so I can finally update my freakin blog!! So just wanted to tell you guys how sorry I am that you had to look at that california post one more time! I'll get it up sooner or later...I promise!!! Thanks for all the comments, even though 75% of them are telling me to update my blog, I still feel fantastic that you continue to post comments:). Thanks!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Me and Brad headed out to Newport Beach this weekend to see my sister Stacie and Dave and of course the world's cutest kid Cooper!

The first day me and Brad hit up Six Flags Magic Mountain and literally made it a goal to go on every ride, so of course we did:). It was so fun to just have to worry about each other and not the whole fam like we were both used to, so we seriously zipped through that park like we were being timed, it was great, even though sometimes we wished our fam's were there with us enjoying the rides!! The next day we just bumbed around on the beach and got absolutely FRIED! And we for sure can't forget the trip to get Balboa Bars!! All of Stacie and Dave's freinds were there so we all hung out in the sand and boogy boarded, here are a few pics of that day.... That night we went to the restaurant Claim Jumper. It's always been tradition to go there when we visit Newport. Saturday we went on a walk on the Bay and played some Volleyball at the pool with Stacie and Dave's freinds.

Friday, August 10, 2007

We've Been Tagged!!...

4 Jobs I've had...
1. Coldstone Creamery (Worked with Chelsey..greatest highschool job ever!)
2. Sweet Tomatoes-With Racquel and Cherelle, which all 3 of us couldn't wait to get out of there!
3. Bass Shoes
4. First American Title Insurance-Still working there...

4 Movies I can watch over and over...
1. Ever After
2. BeetleJuice
3. Bourne Identity
4. Buttercream Gang..ummm, I wish I was joking

4 Favorite TV Shows...
1. THE OFFICE-Obsessed
2. Seinfield
3. Freinds
4. Entertainment Tonight-what can I say, the celebs are entertaining

4 Places I have lived...
1. South Jordan
2. Canada, Alberta
3. Orange County, Cali
4. Raintree Provo-with all my girls:)

4 Places I have been...
1. Maui, Hawaii
2. Edmonton, Calgary, Hillspring-Canada-best place in the world!
3. New Port, California-I'm here as i'm typing:)
4. Puerto Rico

4 Favorite Foods...
1. Any kind of salad you would find at a LDS junction
2. Mashed Potatoes
3. Bradley's breakfast burrito's
4. Cinnamon Toast Crunch

4 Favorite Websites...
2. Big Lots-and also love the store

4 buddies I'm tagging...
1. Jenny Bowen
2. Mary Pool
3. Liz Elder-she has probably already been tagged!
4. Lisa and Jeff Elder-Now you HAVE to start a blog:)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

taylor and bethany's wedding.

This weekend was our cousin, Taylor's, wedding. Him and his new wife looked soo cute! We are excited to have her in the fam, even though I think it will be hard for her to adjust to the wild family of the Gibb's :). Here are some cute pictures from them coming out of the temple that we got...

After the wedding they had a lunch in up in Holladay and this house was INCREDIBLE! Me and Brad took a quick picture of us in yup, there front yard! They had these giant white swans in this beautiful pond in front of there house/mansion...