Thursday, June 28, 2012

baby showers are fantastic for reuniting with the best people.

this shower was seriously a blast! cousins, aunts, high school friends, ward friends, and women i grew up with that are like second moms to me, all in the same place.  bliss. except for the awkward part of sitting and opening presents.  i don't know why that is always so uncomfortable for me. my heart is so full and grateful it could burst while opening, but it's still weird to sit and have all eyes on you. especially when i feel so pretty in this pregnant body suit that feels like my body is spewing all over the pavement. and let's not even talk about how my smile is almost non-existent because my face is so big. 

i'm so thankful to have such an incredible circle of people in my life. and i'm even more thankful to bring this new little booger into this sensational circle. i feel so lucky. truly. thank you so much for all those who took the time to come and support me and my baby cakes. 

p.s. i got word that some invites either came late or didn't come at all.  i blame the mail. i'm so sorry if that was you.  i don't know what happened. i honestly don't, but if you are a friend and didn't get an invite, i promise on my life that's why.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Instagram is cool, and i'm getting lazy.

Dear blog,
I'm more into instagram right now. I still think you're cool, but instagram is easier and a heck of a lot more convenient.

So if any of you peeps out there still give a rats behind about our lives, you can follow me on instagram-@melerm, or Melissa Elder. 

So much technology so little time.

here's some pics taken via instagram in the last little bit. i feel like we've been busy. the good kind of busy.  birthdays, babysitting, getting our house together/decorating, bees game, buying little things here and there for the babes, family stuff...blah blah blah.  just everything i'm sure you don't care to hear about.

speaking of babes-quick update.  i'm larger than life.  sometimes i wonder if i'm carrying her in my belly or under my chin. both are expanding pretty fast. i blame the diabetes for that.  i've literally had to triple my insulin. for a cracker i feel like i need an entire vial of insulin. i go through it like oxygen. the diabetes has been tricky, especially these last months of pregnancy.  she's growing so fast, so my sugars change daily.

i went in for an appt the other day (i go in twice a week now for the rest of my's lovely....) and the doc said she wants this baby out of me by 37 weeks.  which is in a month! me and brad freaked. ok, so just i did. i do not feel ready. the other night before getting into bed i was looking at my body in the mirror rubbing on that stretch mark cream, and i couldn't help but start crying thinking of the birth. that was the first time i had actually felt feelings of real, genuine terror for what my body might have to go through. brad was in bed laying there watching me, "melissa, don't worry, your body will go back to normal", as he was about to get up and give me the "you're not fat and ugly" speech that's usually followed by a sincere hug. i tried to hurry and explain before he got up, "brad, i honestly just got so scared for the delivery".  brad was surprised, "the delivery?". i started to explain everything i was scared of and then all of a sudden she started moving around and kicking like crazy. i hurried and laid down so he could feel her. i was laying on my side and brad was spooning me with his hand on my belly.  we were both so obsessed with feeling her move that i completely forgot about the fear.  i can only pray that's what it's going to be like.  sheer and utter terror/pain, then all of a sudden baby obsession and love.

Monday, June 4, 2012

anniversary at the zermott.

it's been 5 years since we sat awkwardly across the alter from each other not knowing what the heck was going on. just knowing that we were freaking excited for that night:). best decision i've ever made was marrying him. for reals. 

friday morning i woke up to him making breakfast for me with fresh roses on the table. i was confused because i looked at the clock and realized he was insanely late for work. come to find out he took the day off and surprised me with a night up at zermott resort.  gosh i could squeeze his butt cheeks just thinking about it. it was an awesome weekend to say the least. i love that guy.....annoying i know, but i do. 

oh, and if you're wondering what i'm doing in that picture with the pole....i'm just doing this sexy thing called....pole dancing when your 30 weeks pregnant. i almost took that pole down.

a day at the pool.

i forgot how incredibly refreshing sitting by a pool is.  especially when your the size of a beached whale. it was so awesome hanging with stace, reese and coop at the pool and feeling that water on my bod. my favorite part was when reese asked to lay next to me in her cute little wet swimsuit. she even cuddled with my belly.

and let's not even talk about how sexy stace looks in a swimsuit. especially sitting next to me when i was sprawled out on a beach chair not even carrying that my skin was seeping through the cracks of the chair almost touching the ground.