Wednesday, September 29, 2010

luff her...

i know, i have an overload of reese, but how can you not.
and plus, i feel like for some reason it's ok because i don't have kids to blog about...

i didn't even ask her to read to me while i was going to the bathroom.
she just opened the door, whipped out her book, sat down and talked baby talk while turning the pages.

and of course i had my phone handy because that's quality time for texting....

soo cute!

so last night me and brad did some babysitting for the andersons.
most of you know by now that my gag reflexes are sometimes out of control
when i change diapers (poop).
brad managed to get all of it on tape, but the cutest part is
little kate was LOVING IT!!!
hahahaha, she's so dang cute!!

Monday, September 27, 2010


saturday i had a burning desire to butch my hair. so i did.
i love it. its unbelievably easy and breezy.
yes, at times i do feel like a lesbian, but for the most part....
vanessa did an incredible job.

diabetic walk

lindsay neff informed me of an annual diabetes walk. me and brad jumped all over it.
they made us wear these red hats so they could identify who has diabetes.
i think that might have been the first time i've ever felt cool for having diabetes.
heck, i'll take it.

even though the walk was about half a block and they had drink stops every 1 second,
it was awesome being able to see all the diabetics and chat with lins.
she's so great, and the best example i could ask for when it comes to the betes.
p.s. it broke my heart seeing so many little kids with there red hats on.
i can't explain the respect i have for them.......and their moms.

Friday, September 24, 2010

fresh air.

i have no work today. there are no words for how i feel about it.......but i'll give it a try-ecstatic.
i woke up early and went for a walk right as the sun was coming up.
i wanted to start this day good...
put in my headphones and cranked the music.
just walked around salt lake for an hour through the rich neighborhoods.
the tall trees are so beautiful to me. i cant get over how they hover over the streets.
pictures dont do justice.
it was absolutely refreshing and it was even fun to see everyone out running with there dogs.
the smell of coffee was all over which was the cherry on top of the brisk air.
it was utterly refreshing.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

i love.

i just voted my all time favorite thing to wake up to is
jonny cash blazing in our apt. while brad making crepes in his underwear
on a saturday morning.

Monday, September 20, 2010

birthday for reese!

no one can make me feel this giddy and melt my heart this fast in this life more than reese can.
and yes, i might be utterly disappointed if my child doesn't look and act identical to this
bundle of moosh.
happy 2nd birthday reesals...

just one of those weekends...

it turned out to be a pretty ordinary weekend, but now that i think back,
it seems like we did a lot.

we had a camp fire with some friends, a baby shower for my friend cort (more to come),
crepes on saturday morning, little reeses birthday (more to come),
scooter rides, and of course a sunday dance off with my family unit.
i think that dance off might have been the funniest so far.

above all those fun things we did this weekend, my favorite was saturday night with brad. we didn't know what to do, so we decided to have one person drive and the other lay their seat back and cover up there faces so they couldn't see where we were going and whoever was driving had to pick the next thing to do. we ended up eating chinese food at this hole-in-the-wall place out in the middle of no where (brads idea), going to gardner village and getting some candy at the candy shop (my idea), and stopping at a random movie shop that we've never been to before and picking up a movie we've never seen (brads idea). 500 days of summer-i surprisingly liked it (my idea). that was a fun night. we did a lot of driving, but the driver got to pick the music, which also made it fun-because we CAN NEVER agree on music.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

greek festival

to be honest, i'm not a huge fan of the greek festival because
of the ridiculous long lines for all that delicious food, but the friday that i took off to canada,
me and brad hit it up for lunch.....and let me tell you, it was an entirely different experience.
no lines, no huge crowds, and no cranky/starving sensations.
we got in, ate the deliciousness and took off. perfect.
we freaking love greek food.

and for all you diabetic sticklers.......don't worry.......i only had 3 of those sugar balls.
brad might actually get diabetes just from eating the rest of them.
they were sensational.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

the joys of boating are over.

the days of boating are over for the year. i'm not gonna lie, nothing beats ridin' that weenie.
we went for a last boat ride a couple of weeks ago..and it was perfect. i love sitting on the tip of the boat titanic style and feeling free as a willy. i'm longing for next summer already...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

another shout out!

im sure you guys are sick of me talking about aerobic dates,
but for the rest of the month my aerobic classes are
FREE every thursday night at 8:30 for september
at the daybreak fitness center!

Monday, September 13, 2010

some more favorite pictures from this weekend.

(mike teaching my grandma how to use her mac)

alberta bound.

my little sis, jax, had a good friend up in canada that was heading out on a mish. i thought it was the perfect opportunity to go spend time with my grandparents. i never get to see them, and when i do there is about 1,946 other family members around so it's truly a rare gift when i get one on one time with them.

i'm not going to lie, i cried for about an hour while i was driving away from my grandma standing by herself, waving us goodbye on her porch. their 2 of the most precious people i know. so while jax and mike were out partying i stayed inside, asking my grandparents questions about there life, when they were dating, all the kids growing up, and even their honeymoon.

my grandma even said one time, "i love when you ask lawrence (my grandpa) these questions because i don't even know the answers he's going to say." so hopefully they weren't too bored while i was loving every second of getting to know their lives.

and of course we sqeezed in some play time in waterton and hillspring. we had to show mike around, and i didn't want to miss his reaction to everything our family has been talking up for the last 20 years. the only thing missing was brad. i missed him.

Align Centerso my cousin celeste (the blonde in the pictures) came from edmonton too for the farewell and my absolute favorite quote from the weekend was...

celeste walks in with her faded/holy jeans that we all know are instyle, and my grandma looks at them and says, "oh celeste! it's too bad you are still on wellfare...". i couldn't stop rolling.

i'll always hold this little weekend so close to me. being with them made me want to be a better person. it made me want to love more, to even hug more. to just enjoy this time with the ones i love so much and just hold them close throughout my life.