Thursday, July 30, 2009

a very good mood

Absolutely no work tomorrow.........


ohhhh the simple joys.

.....have a sensational weekend everyone.....

{thanks les for introducing me to this astounding band}

Wednesday, July 29, 2009



i'm doing a GIVEAWAY on the diabetic blog.

check it out and hopefully win a new diabetic cookbook that would be incredible for anyone.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009


i call it good quality entertainment.
we're going to miss you guys out there in texas. thank goodness for blogging, facebook, phone, texting, email, faxing, pony express, IM and of course there is always the option of taking a road trip out there:).

boating won't be the same without you jeff and libby.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

the entire week...

has been spent with the elders. bbq's, fireworks and family is all you need to prepare for a wedding. liz and ryan came in from michigan and it's been nothing but a blast. i love those guys so much. if you ever want 2 people to just hang out with and go to village inn at 1'o clock in the morning, liz and ryan should be your first option. they are incredible parents with the personalities of frat students. and there word there kids. adorable. flaming red hair with tight curls equals nothing but squeezing there cheeks till your teeth clench and hugging close till your arms get numb.

the wedding begins and of course flows so naturally. there is something rare and special to see 2 people find each other and know their eternity will be nothing but a good time. i love emily-and even though it's only been months since we have known her, she fits in like it's been planned all along.

...(sigh).......gosh weddings are a good day. it's a day that you pray for. searching and just hoping it's a day just as perfect as you imagine. and all of a sudden-it's here. then you realize your life is truly beginning.
and at the end of that long day, after all the pictures have been taken, all the family is gone, after all the cake has been eatin, and line is finally over with-you take a minute to sit and reflect..and then you notice everything was as perfect as you imagined, maybe even a little bit better.

the reception was beautiful, the lemonade stand was a hit and the couple is now off on there honeymoon smiling to their ear lobes.........................finally doing you know what.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

please no...

a woman just came into the clinic today and while i was explaining the paper work to her, she cut me off mid sentence and while giggling said..."you have a voice just like joan rivers."
{sorry if this offends. it was the classiest picture, of this hideous woman, that i could find}

i wanted to curl up and die.

Monday, July 20, 2009

birthdays all around

another year older and wiser too, happy birthday to him...
what can i say. never have i come across a more pleasant smile-or person. never stressed, never an angry word, never a complaint (which is astounding knowing who the old ball and chain is)......just a soothing smile. i've said it once and gosh dang it, i might have to say it again-i love the guy.
i hope you had a good one doing absolutely nothing special, creative or romantic. (i might be the worst human being when it comes to birthdays, i think it's a weidner thing.)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

the famous utah lake

(nope, just full.)

boating-always a good time.
it doesn't matter what new toys come out, or how many inventions are released, my heart will always and forever yearn to be with the water weenie.
i love you weenie.

Friday, July 10, 2009

cute emily's shower

can't wait for this dang hot chic to be a part of the elder clan. i'm sure i speak for everyone when i say, love her already. fantastic shower with awesome company. i love brads extended family like my own.

gosh, life is good surrounded with family.
(liz, once again-we need and want you here with us)

Sunday, July 5, 2009


no tv's...........just a week with the best people i've ever known in my life. i literally couldn't be more happy to call them my family. i pray with all my life this tradition never dies.

the endless laughing. the endless eating. never being able to make a decision on plans, so instead sitting for hours on end just talking. the constant making fun of each other. the tubing. the bridge jumping that never gets old. everybody owning a mini van and it seeming cool. always wondering what the in-laws are thinking. the one minute parade that brings us all together in the first place. our dances. the talent of each family member. alberta sun sets. our grandma and grandpa who probably shake there heads thinking of this whole mess of a family they started. the priceless truth knowing that this might just be what eternity is like.

i love the first of july in canada. but even more the family that comes with it.

p.s. thank you brad for letting me go while you had to do school. you were sure missed!
(brad mc'ing for our church carnival on july 4th)