Wednesday, February 22, 2012

i'm pregnant. for realsies this time.

ha, truly has been months since i've posted.  months of hell to be quite honest.  nobody quite gives you the real scoop of pregnancy.  i'll give it to you right now.....vomit breath, vomit car smell, severe constipation, hideousness, lack of personality/soul, and migraines. not to mention feeling fat and ugly times a million. and the diabetes is a cherry on top that weighs about as much as a mountain. that being said, this is just my experience. i pray there are others out there that have had wonderful pregnancies and can make it sound blissful.

now, on to the good stuff!! i'm having a girl!! i'm 16 weeks along and my due date is august 10th. words can't quite describe the feeling you get looking at your baby girl on the monitor while she's curled up in a ball hangin out in your hairy, chubby belly. it's a miracle the love i all of a sudden have.  i'm seriously obsessed with her. even if she does come out with a mustache.

i'm sorry for the absence, the computer for some reason makes me sicker than a dog.  nothing is more pleasant than cleaning vomit from the keyboard.

that's the scoop as of yet.  boring i know, but to be honest, my life has consisted of sickness and rotting on the couch.  which i pray is coming to an end. and brad....well don't even get me started on how grateful i am for him.  patience and love are words that don't do justice. he's taken such good care of me, despite our sexless life. the diabetes has made pregnancy tricky, and lucky for me, brad has been my constant companion to help with it all.