Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Good Old Random Update

This might be the most random post so far, but I hate when I get behind, because then I feel like I have to update on every little thing that we did in the we will start with the most random of me and my sis showing off our same hair cuts:). I really do love it because now we feel like we need to call each other and see what we are wearing that day so we match!

This next random photo-So right now we are living with Brad's parental units, and one day I walk upstairs and out of the buck blue sky he's just making a batch of raspberry jam, never in my life would I have thought that day would come-but he looked so dang cute I couldn't resist this picture.

These next pictures were taken while we were up in Logan spending the weekend with our good friends, Todd and Brittany-it was a blast with them!!

So another wedding came up of Brad's good friends. Tim Enger got married to the cutest girl-Rachell. There wedding was in Billings, Montana so me and Brad took a quick road tip up there for there wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and it really was a way fun road trip with just us. His birthday was on that Saturday, so for a little birthday surprise, I called up the hotel we were staying at and asked if they could decorate the room. They did such a dang good job! We walk in and there was a cake, some balloons, this big bowl full of just candy and popcorn for a movie theme. I honest to goodness walked in so happy at the job they did I was like screaming and jumping around, acting 100% like it was my birthday..

So there is the good old Random Update, hope you enjoyed the pics;)

Sunday, July 6, 2008


This one week a year makes life worth living!