Sunday, February 24, 2008

~Friends and Family~plus all the extra's

There is definitely a lot to blog about, obviously you guys can see it has been quite awhile:). This past weekend was a BLAST!! We FINALLY got out in that snow and put it to some good use! Kristin, Taylor, me, Brad, Cherelle, and Ryan all went sledding up at Doughnut Falls. It was honestly so much fun, I highly recommend it to anyone that is debating on going sledding! It's always so fun to get with these friends, I seriously just laugh so hard when we are all together-they are some definite keepers:). Then afterwords we went to eat at Fudruckers and of course reminisced while all of our husbands just sat there feeling awkward, jokes I hope they had a good time too, even thoug it can get annoying hearing all of our past high school stories. But overall, it was such a great time!
This past Thursday baby Jeff was born-man, I know all babies look the same when they are born, but this little boy was the cutest little thing!! We couldn't help but go and take a look at the newest addition to the family! 2 weeks ago we got together with Tori, Ryan, Dave, McCall, Melissa and Kelly. Of course its always a stinkin blast hanging out with these guys! We went out to eat and then after headed over to Kelly and Melissa's house to heat up some Fondu-delish is all I have to say. I literally couldn't control myself with that little stick and dipping everything in the chocolate, it was so GOOD!!
These next pictures are pretty random, but this past week Brad just had the sudden urge to make some doughnuts! (those of you who know me well, know of course it was like Christmas morning when he threw out that option-doughnuts are my fav!) We had a little party just the 2 of us cookin up some Spudnuts. They turned out so good so of course I just had to Blog about it:). Here are some pics of the "doughnut making" in the process....sorry, I wish I could have given you all the taste, but the pictures are all I can do for enjoy:).

Sunday, February 3, 2008

a simple update

I figured it had been long enough since the last time I updated, so here is just a simple update of what has happened since good old New Years.
On the 16th we celebrated my Birthday by going to a couple's massage at the Sanctuary Spa. Holy crap, for any of you who haven't ever received a massage, highly recommend it!! It was incredble! So after we went out to eat and just came home and relaxed, we still were feeling lazy from the massage.

So later that weekend Me, Brad, Kelly and Candace went down to Park City for the Sundance Film Festival. We drove through Main Street once and decided that was enough-the streets were a little too crowded for us to try to spy on any celebs. So we did something pretty random but it was way cool. We went to Midway and decided to take a look at the Crater at the Homestead. I know, random, but for any of you who haven't been, it really is incredible! We wanted to swim but decided against it. But it was fun to even check out. We got a picture, but of course there was so much steam that you can't even see anything. So, sorry about the crappy picture!

This past weekend was fun hanging out with all of Brads friends from high school and there spouses/girlfriends. They are all such cute couples, and its always fun to see everyone get the update on everyones lives. We played some games at Aaron and Shireena's new apartment with Todd and his girl Britny, Tim and his girl Rachell, and Mike and Aubrey. We played the game Battle of the Sexes, and I promise it was thee most hardest game-all of us didn't have a clue to any of the answers. It was pretty funny watching everyone and how frustrated we all got from trying to answer all the questions. Also, last weekend all of the girls went out to lunch again, Me, Cherelle, Kristin, Racquel and Chelsey. It really does get better and better to hang out with those girls. I miss being able to see them more often but its such a fun time when we all get together and just talk old times!
Well, nothing too exciting, but I thought I would spare you guys to have to see the Christmas update one more time! Hope you guys are all enjoying the new year and hopefully something really exciting comes up that I can blog about:).