Friday, July 30, 2010

directions to the natural waterslides.

for those of you who wanted to go up to the natural waterslides, here are the directions: (i tried to write it as direct as possible, but i know by memory, not the actual directions...)

1. get on I15 like your heading to provo.
2. after the corner of the mountain, you'll come to the thanksgiving point exit, get off at that exit and turn left.
3. you'll head east, and go straight for quite awhile (15 mins or so..)until you get to alpine.
4. you'll come up to an intersection, and you'll know it's the right intersection because there will be a grocery store on your right, and a wendy's.
5. turn left at that intersection.
6. follow that road down until you get to a round-about, head north when you get to that round-about.
7. go straight for awhile. you'll go through a couple of stop signs.
8. right before the road starts curving right, there is a sharp turn off on your left. there is also a white picket fence by the turn.
9. follow that road up and it will get narrow and windy, but keep following until you reach a random metal fence on your left. there's a "no trespassing" sign-but you're safe. there will most likely be other cars parked off to the side of the road.
10. park your car and start walking up the road. you'll come to a fork in the road, but stay to your right. you'll come up to what looks like a dead end circle of pavement, but on the north-east side, there is a little trail that starts going up into the trees..follow that up and YOU'RE THERE!

oh man, i really am so sorry if these are nonunderstandable-BUT shoot me an email and i'll give you my cell so you can call if you get lost.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

natural waterslides

we've been going to these things since we were 15. they never ever get old.
we went this week and even though the water's so cold it makes you want to kill yourself, the slides are never a let down!
please for the love, if any of you ever want to go, PLEASE let us take you!
going down these slides are one of our favorite things to do in the summer.
and it makes it even better going with friends!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

a day without work is a wonderful thing.

"The best thing about having a sister was that I always had a friend."
-- Cali Rae Turner

i had the day off yesterday..words can't describe the joy that comes with the
thought of having no work when i wake up. i went to stace's house and hung out for the day.
we went for a bike ride and then met up with my mom, jax and mike (jax's best friend) for lunch.
we laugh so hard when we get together.

i love being able to be as crude and as ugly as i want with them and not get one look of disgust or thoughts of judgement. i don't know where the crudeness came from in our family,
but to's absolutely hilarious. and we love it. it binds us.
the hardest part is not being crude when we are with people other than the fam.

me and stace went back and just talked. talked like sisters do.
talked about everything and anything.
that wore us out and we fell asleep with the kids.
i loved everything about yesterday.

i love having sisters.
i just wish jax didn't have a full time job like the rest of us burnouts.

Monday, July 26, 2010

pioneer day.

it was awesome!
'nuff said.
(we missed you jax..!)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

parking lot of fire

our neighborhood has a huge carnival-like thing every 24th called the parking lot of fire.
it's a blast! from cotton candy to ping pong tournaments, they've got it all.
this year we were in charge of face painting and the african kids
across the street were loving it so much.

i went buck wild with one of them, haha.
i would consider it my best work yet....
the best part was after i did this girls face all the rest of them came
up and asked for the same thing to be done to their faces.
so their was a bunch of little african kids running around looking like they were
about to go into battle.
brad did awesome by the way-his low singing voice turned me on.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

bloody hot.

wow, this weather is killing me. being outside for longer than 10 seconds is absolute torture.
and yes, we still don't have AC in our car. i would say most of our arguments happen while we're driving.

this morning me and brad both woke up at exactly 3:10 am. there was no reason to it, we just both happened to wake up at that time. we managed to fall back asleep, but now we both feel so tired, like we didn't get any sleep. so that will be my excuse for not wanting to do anything today:). continue on with my laziness.

brad is singing at a neighborhood carnival this friday, jonny cash to be exact. i seriously can't tell you how excited i am! last night i made him rehearse for me and i started laughing just because i'm not used to seeing him singing so serious. then the rest of the night he was asking if it was bad because i started laughing. i feel so bad. i wish with all my life i could have taken back that 5 seconds of laughter...and i wish he would believe me when i say "i was laughing because i was thinking of something else".... umm.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


no joke, me and brad have this song on our playlist.
we can't get enough of flight of the conchords-
if you're needing some new shows, check these guys out.
their music is absolutely fantastic.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

freakin weekend.

me and brad babysat saturday night and loved it. those kids melt me.

cooper while crying because he doesn't want to go to bed- "issa can you blow my nose?"
me while holding kleenex up to his nose- "ok, blow into the kleenex bud.."
cooper-"i can't go to sleep 'cause i have so much boogers in my brain."
i couldn't stop lauging.

last night me and brad went out on a hot date to celebrate his birthday.
ok, so it was anything but hot.
we got dinner, came right home, then finished the night watching angels and demons.
i actually don't even think we cuddled once.
actually......i think we watched the movie on separate couches even.
hopefully he still knows i love him even though i suck at birthdays.

me and stace went for a scooter ride with jax and her new, cute bodigity.
we drove for 2 hours back by copperton.
i love that open space so much.
we were in love with that ride.
the sun was just going down, and the wind was warm with a hint of breeze, and the open land was soothing to us.
it was just what we needed.

p.s. russ had his homecoming on sunday as well.
one of the most sincere talks i've ever heard.
he's single ladies..........jump on that.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

happy birthday bradley allen!


happy 25th brad-
you're still just as handsome as ever to me.
i love the crap out of ya.

Friday, July 16, 2010

test test 1, 2, 3..

kind of a creepy picture of me eh?
it's kind of dark...
not black and white dark, but like...creepy dark.
anyways, just a shout out to all of you
who came to the aerobics class-i got the job!!
i sound like a broken record, but i really can't thank you enough for coming!
i can say that moment at the end of the class was one of my top ten best moments in my life.
i start officially teaching in september at the daybreak fitness center.
(starting late because of the europe trip next month)
and i'm going to start teaching
one day a week and see how my class goes from there..
i'll keep you posted on the day and time i'll be teaching when it gets closer,
for those of you who are interested in coming:)
and of course, i still teach wednesday nights @ 8:00pm for
free at our stake center just in case!

i hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!
gosh i love the weekends.

p.s. here's a few songs i've been obsessing over the last little bit if your looking for some new tunes:

josh ritter-girl in the war
sia-my love (yes, it's from eclipse-but i honestly can't get enough)
xx-heart skipped a beat (leslie gibb nish, once again you have introduced me to another favorite band, thank you!)
dan black-symphonies
sufjan stevens-sister winter

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

been takin it easy.

this past weekend me and brad were able to both go to youth conference.
i really do love the youth in our ward,
but whenever i do an overnighter with them,
i feel like i've not only had zilch sleep-
but i feel like for some reason i need to be in a wheel chair from being so tired.
maybe it's a diabetic thing.

that night while brad was sleeping peacefully with the guys all farting in their sleep,
the girls were up till 4:30 talking about boys and periods all while
putting makeup on my face and each others and doing hair.
(i actually do love getting pampered like that.
going to the salon is like a holiday for me)
but i feel like i'm still trying to catch up on my sleep.
and i feel like my eyes are still swollen.

so as for now, me and brad have just been keepin it easy.
which i love more than anything on this earth.
not having plans. nothing to blog about. nothing to think about.

me reading my eclipse after work,
brad reading his europe books,
then finishing the night with a redbox hit.

i love takin it easy.

Monday, July 12, 2010

this was a good day.

we begged liz and ryan when they were down here to try out settebello's.
they finally gave in....and we also begged them to leave their kids and go just them two so me and brad could have the kids all to ourselves for an afternoon.
just thinking of her clinching onto my neck on that swing is
making me ache for them.

we had a picnic over at liberty park and just played with them for a couple of hours.
it's a day i know i'll remember for the rest of my life.
we loved it so much.
they were all ours and we were all theirs.
and also because i can't get enough of brad playing the role of uncle when
his nieces and nephews are around.


i finally saw eclipse.
i got home and immediately started reading breaking dawn,
i actually haven't read it yet.
i've entered my "twilight coma" and i hate it.
it's not only embarrassing to admit i'm one of the
billions of teens who can't get enough of it,
but it takes over my life and consumes my thoughts.
goodbye reality.
and brad, i really am genuinely sorry.
twilight is porn.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

we don't want to grow up part II

after the south jordan carnival we stayed and hung out for a bit after the
fireworks ended and just talked on the blanket.

we got hyper, which of course always ends up
happening when we hang out with kelley and candice and
thought it was a brilliant idea for us to get rides in the blanket.

poor kelley and brad....they were completely sweating after swinging
us back and forth over and over again.