Monday, August 31, 2009

everybody needs them some logan friends

we know without a doubt it's going to be a party with these guys.
we get prepared to laugh till we roll. and we also know that there will be some dang good games.
for some reason whenever we hang out with this group up in logan, we end up making up the most random games which of course end up with us either extremely hyper-or extremely soar from laughing so hard.
i know, that sounded like middle school, but most of these people we went to high school with, so we can't help but still act like it when we all get together.

(while i was in the bathroom, they told the waiter it was my birthday....please just let my face explain the feelings i had while all the mexicans were singing to me)

scooters+utah summer nights=absolute must.

also, right in the middle of the night when we were all talking, i was telling the girls how i maybe wanted bangs back-so what did we do? we cut em.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

gosh dang it i love this family

for some reason today i'm in one of those moods where
i miss my family like the dang dickons.
what? what did you say?
i only live 20 minutes away from them?
oh ya, i forgot.

well, even so, my heart just craves to see every single one of them right now and spend at least 8 hours just talking and laughing. and eating. what our family does best.

i love every single one of them so much. and yes, i do live 20 minutes away, but every one has there own lives that they live, and there own schedules, so its just an all around treat when all of us are under one roof at the same time. i thought they were the funniest group of people growing up, and i still think that 100% to this day.
these last pictures are just priceless to me.
they are my absolute favorite pictures of my parents that i have seen.
my mom was so beautiful to me. and still is.
and my dad hasn't aged a minute. i love how his personality hasn't changed and you can tell from this picture.
i loved the chaos growing up, and i love it even more now. i crave it actually. i wouldn't have changed one minute with my family growing up for anything in this life.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

waffles and a movie in the park.....

make for a decent friday night.
did i mention i love those waffles?
thank the high heavens i'm a diabetic and have to have some restrictions or else i'm sure i would be eating those for every meal.

Friday, August 28, 2009

have a wonderful weekend everyone!

i can't even tell you the chills i got during the trailer for "where the wilds things are" when i saw it for the first time in theatres. but i think the chills were even bigger when i heard the song for the first time in my car from a cd that jordan smith so generously burned for me years ago. i love this song. and i love it even more when the volume is turned up to the absolute fullest.
i can't wait to see the movie and i'm praying it's as good as it looks so far!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

i have a greater respect

i'm not going lie, it was fun hangin out with these
gentlemen today for a bit.
gentlemen might even be an understatement.
it's kinda sad how much we take them for granted. but they were the exact description of how you imagine a fire-fighter. genuine guys that you could easily trust your life with. i think i might have even said to them that when my apartment burns down i hope you guys are the ones who end up coming.
i'm sure they thought i was an idiot when i was treating them like celebrities, but i was ok with that.....i think if anyone on this earth needs to be treated that way, it would be these hunks.

Monday, August 24, 2009

continuum of friday-DOUBLE DECKER JOUSTING

pictures don't do justice of how many people were actually there riding in the street.

k, this next part i had to save-so it could have a post all to itself.

honestly, this was one of the coolest most random things we've ever done.
So after the waffles (mmm) we found this flier for double decker jousting. had no idea what it meant. but we sure wanted to find out.
so what they do, is these guys weld their bikes together one on top of another and go joust under the freeway at this little "hidden" place.
All the flier said was to meet at the gallivan tower at 9:30.
so we got on our bikes and did just that.

there were so many people there waiting it was honestly so bizarre. finally, after waiting 20 mins out of the blue, a guy yells out, "FOLLOW THE BUNNY EARS". all of a sudden this guy on a double decker bike holding a huge long stick with a stuffed rabbit on the end starts riding in the middle of the street.
so everyone just got on their bikes and followed....and well....we did just that.
everyone rode about 3-4 miles till we got to a hidden place under this bridge/freeway sorta deal. there were so many people on the street taking over the road.

there was even one guy that was riding next to us and said out loud to himself, "we own this city". we were laughing at that one for quite a long time.

it was so freakin random, the whole time we were just looking at each other and laughing so hard at all that was going on. we couldn't believe what was actually happening. and that people actually did this. i really am smiling right now just thinking about it.

and then...................................................................they jousted.

sorry about the pictures, they are way crappy. it's hard to take pictures while riding a bike and laughing at the same time.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

gallery stroll and the best belgium waffles we've ever had

the gallery stroll was going on in downtown salt lake.
it was so cool!
all these shops had these hidden gallery's underneath in the basements of the stores and had tables of cheese, fruit and crackers and some of the coolest art work i've seen. we felt cool blending in among the salt lakians

the food friday night was by far the best part of the night.
we found this hole-in-the-wall waffle restaurant that had THE MOST AMAZING waffles i've ever had in my LIFE!
this man straight from belgium opened up his shop and is living his dream of selling the true stuff. he was so cute and oh so dang nice. it was an awesome night.

and can i just say for the record.......i'm so obsessed with living in downtown salt lake.
we both talk as if it's going to be our home for the rest of our lives. so as of right now, we are hooked.
but man, i have to learn to control myself when we
find new places to eat like this. especially when we find them 9:00 at night .
i'm just praying
my scale is lying to me every time i step on the thing.