Sunday, September 16, 2007

ITS ABOUT TIME!! (Labor Day)

OK, I finally did it!! There were so many pictures and only some that i'm able to post so I just got the basics of everything we were able to do! My parents are well known for planning some good get-togethers with all the relatives, so this year for Labor Day they planned a trip to Wolf Creek, Eden. They rented a fun house with some of the best views, this one is off of the back patio....
Here is the house that we stayed in..

My family is so competitive-Scrabble, doing hair and of course the funnest game in the world, Wii...the boxing game. We had some pretty awesome challenges!

Here are some pics from the mallow roast that we had, Jay put on a great fire!
I COULD NOT RESIST putting this picture on of Stacie and Jax...Love it!

Carson won every single chicken fight, for all of you who don't know my family pretty good, Carson is the second youngest and everyone he went up against that was older then him he won! Nothing but proud of him!

There were some pictures I didn't have, and that was our whole family getting sick from the public pools! It was awful! After the weekend we all got home and every person but some of the adults were sicker then dogs! Me and Brad were for sure some of those people...highly recommend not getting in any public pools for awhile, that sickness does exist!

Above all, we had an awesome time and love all the chances we are able to get with the family, my parents did an awesome job with this Labor Day, we sure love all of you guys!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I'm still alive!!!!

Ok, I don't have any pictures, I don't have any cool titles or stories, all I am going to blog about is that I am honestly still alive, I'm so sorry for all of you who take the time to check out my blog and honestly get disappointed to see the same dad-gum pictures from New Port. I have done things but of course, me and Brad forgot our camera over Labor Day, i'm just waiting to get some pics from that weekend so I can finally update my freakin blog!! So just wanted to tell you guys how sorry I am that you had to look at that california post one more time! I'll get it up sooner or later...I promise!!! Thanks for all the comments, even though 75% of them are telling me to update my blog, I still feel fantastic that you continue to post comments:). Thanks!!