Thursday, December 20, 2007

the new job

It's official, I got a new job! Thought some changes needed to be made and school was becoming more and more important, I just hate that it took 3 years for me to figure it out! I got a new job called Rescue Alert, formally owned by the Bangerter family. I'm starting school in January and I'm literally as nervous as heck! I went to one semester of school after I graduated, but it was basically, not only a waist of money, but just a party to me, or I thought thats how it was supposed to be-I just didn't know how to handle all the freedom. So now that I know what I want to do, i'm going back and hopefully it's a little different from the last college experience! Hope your Christmas Season is going great, and yes, I am aware that not one picture has been posted about Christmas from us yet, but there will be pics after:). EVERYONE HAVE A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS!!!!