Tuesday, February 17, 2009

happy valentines day.

We were so dang lucky to have my cousin, Leslie and her husband Mike from Canada, come down to stay the weekend with us! They slept in our apartment and knowing how freakin big it is, we were forced to practically spoon with each other the entire time they were here. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect Valentines weekend!
We just spent the day shopping and we had to take them to Rodizio's. They have never been there or to any restaurant like that, so of course me and Brad will use any excuse to go out to eat!

That night me and Brad whipped out our Fondue pot and we all went to town with it! We tried to get every piece of food that went good with Chocolate and ate like it was seriously our last day on earth. I love using "people coming to visit" as an excuse to eat junk food every second of the day.
Saturday morning we all woke up to Brad making red heart-shaped pancakes for Valentines......He's a keeper!
And last but not least-my only gift given to Brad for Valentines Day. This year I decided to go all out for him. HA!
I found this little succor at a store by our apt and couldn't stop myself.

Hope you guys all had a wonderful Valentines Day!