Thursday, April 28, 2011

the diabetic mixer

a couple of weeks ago, i got a call from an old, sweet friend from high school.  her poor husband just got diagnosed with type one betes.  i'm tellin ya, it's the cool thing now.  everyone's doin it:).

since then we've been talking so much more and i've been loving it.  we got invited to go to a type 1 diabetic mixer for anyone 21-35.  hahaha, who would have thought? i was surprised at how trendy it was.  it was held at the wild grape restaurant, they had a huge raffle with insane gifts and some good music.  we were able to sit and talk with everyone and hear all the stories.  it was an inspiration to be there. 

i'm so happy kellie and her fantastic husband, wade, were able to come.  they have such an incredible outlook on it and she's handling it beautifully...even with her little baby inside.  believe me, the spouse has to be prepared just as much as the person who has the disease.  they motivate me.  they make me want to have a better attitude and be a sweeter person. she's as sweet as they come. i love havin me some diabetic friends.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

for those of you who don't get to come to my fitness class....

i hired someone to video me and 2 other instructors teaching my class. 

Monday, April 25, 2011

happy easter!!

since we still have little guys in our family, easter egg hunts are still full forced. my favorite part of the hunt was when carson stoll some of josh's eggs and gentle josh said, "i wish i had a different brother".  poor gentle josh. he doesn't understand rudeness yet.

after dinner and the hunt we headed on over to the elders to color some eggs.  we don't color eggs because there's little kids, we do this because us older kids can't get enough of this tradish. the brothers go to town. it's one of my favorite things.

Friday, April 22, 2011

scooters aren't just for dorks. they're for sundays too.

inspector gadget? we couldn't get enough when we found this coat in his parents closet. 

 if i feel this great on a scooter, i can't even imagine what a harley feels like. and how about brads sweet coat eh? we were thinking dead serious about having him go nude with just that coat on. but we figured since it was sunday we might as well try to keep it holy.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

day date.

saturday the weather was beautiful.  brad had to study saturday night so we made a day out of it. we found a little thai resturant that we fell in love with, got some gelato down the street from our place, and took a walk up ensigns. it was wonderful to be with him.

some people say he's a man of few words.  some people say i need to learn how to shut up.  but i say, who gives a long as you have someone that enjoys eating out as much as you do, then you're set for life.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

crimson #528

they literally get better and better. promise. i'm not just saying that because i'm extremely embarrassed that we go every time. 

so this time they had some pretty cool stuff.  they had a button making booth...and we went to town. they had a flipbook booth where they take your pictures a ton of times and put it into a flipbook.  that was probably the highlight of the night.  del taco catered (wow, we've had an insane amount of del taco lately) and so did another ice cream shop that had us drooling. we loaded up on cotton candy and played some pool. and it was even better because we get so dang hyper with the marsh's.  so everything is hilariously funny.

p.s. never have i looked so much like jabba the hutt in a picture. you'll know which one i'm talking about when you see it.

Monday, April 18, 2011

eating grub on a blanket at the gilgal gardens.

we were talking with our friends christina and thayne and during our conversation we came to the startling news that they have never tasted del taco.....and they discovered that we have never been to the gilgal gardens in salt lake. so friday afternoon we got on our bikes (me on my rollerblades of course), stopped off to grab some freshly cheap tacos and enjoyed them at the gilgal gardens. great way to start a fantastic weekend i'd say.

Friday, April 15, 2011

my update on being back on sugar

.........truly, there is nothing better. ohhh the simple joys.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

you've got to make the best with what you've got.

last night we picked up 10 tacos from del taco and headed to memory grove to enjoy the crappy weather. we were just glad it wasn't snowing and plus we were getting cabin fever. so we thought we'd walk up the little canyon after we devoured our dirt cheap food.

 this picture makes me laugh so freaking hard.  i told him to do his sexiest face.  he was genuinely trying.
 i caught his face right before he dry heaved from my tongue.....and breathe.

after the walk we sat at the top of the steps and people watched for longer than i'd like to admit. there was a trillion wedding pictures being taken, and we couldn't stop laughing at some of the poses these girls were doing.  but our favorite was a chick that looked like she had about 8 1/2 boob jobs. she literally couldn't take a step without us almost seeing her nip. but i think she was secretly loving all the attention those suckers were drawing, her poses alone would prove it. she needed a wedding dress just for those 2 jewels alone.

Monday, April 11, 2011

the sun makes all the difference.

this morning was a good one. slept in till 10. made coffee cake for breakfast. the sun was out (bloody miracle). i decided to walk to work and let the sun sink into my skin as much as possible. i talked with an older man that was weeding for quite some time and learned a lot from his upbeat personality. he helped me get my day started right. 

i thought i'd change it up today and listen to brads playlist while walking and was pleasantly excited with the outcome. my man surprisingly has some good taste in music. i came across this song and was loving the walk that much more. it's funny how a good song in the background can make all the difference.

i took a few pictures on the way to work that caught my eye. it made the walk different for me,
refreshing and a little entertaining.

Friday, April 8, 2011

still so much good..

i feel like this week i've noticed so many little things that make this world so wonderful.  nothing that i did of course, but things that i saw other people do or say that made me realize there's still so much good in the world if you stop to notice.  

  • before i took an older woman back for her procedure her sweet husband said to me, "take good care of her, she's my life."
  • i saw a man about to get in his car and a waitress sprinting out to him with his leftover box that he left on the table.  it looked like he was so grateful.
  • seeing stunning pictures of my beautiful cousin christie get married in the alberta temple. she looked so happy!
  • reese telling me "i wuv oo" before leaving yesterday. it left me choked.
  • a girl in my class that i was teaching asking me in the middle of a workout if my diabetes was doing ok. i wanted to stop the class and hug her.
  • a boy in front of the hospital that looked about 14 helping an old man down the sidewalk to his car.
  • i overheard a customer telling the cashier that she had beautiful eyes.
  • watching the mormon messages. they are all so inspiring.
  • watching my dad babysit reese and cooper.
  • seeing one of the nurses drive a patient she didn't know in her car to another hospital because her insurance wasn't covered at the facility. the patient didn't have a car and the nurse didn't want her to walk in the snow.
i know these are small, but to me they made an impact. i'm touched to the point that i feel so happy and blessed to be a part of such a wonderful place. happy friday indeed:).

Thursday, April 7, 2011

brads sugar bliss

this is what brads side dishes look like now that we are back on sugar.

a slice of bread.  bananas.  chocolate syrup.  powdered sugar. 

i'm sure he feels like he needs to get in all the sugar before we have to go back off again. 

which we won't.................................ever.

Monday, April 4, 2011

weekend randomness...

some random pictures for a random weekend.  had a beautiful friend's baby shower.  and quite a few friends that are knocked up as well.  more baby showers to come:).

i have good news, well for me.  we're back on sugar, ha. i had my appointment with my dietitian and she gave me a new insulin pen (diabetic talk that nobody understands) and a new kind of insulin that should help regulate my sugars a whole lot more.  so going off sugar is NO MORE she said!! i guess i never explained in the first place that it was due to diabetic purposes and brad was just along ride to support me.  i'm not lying a freaking smidgen when i say mine and brads marriage has never been better.  those were dark days with no sugar.  dark and gloomy days. there was no color in our days. objects were blurred. talking was monotone.  energy was low.  we have never been so hyper and happy. permanently hyper. sugar is a good thing peeps, well..sugar in moderation that is.

and good timing too...general conference was that much better.