Wednesday, December 31, 2008

T'was the Season...and we were Jolly!

I get soo sad when Christmas is over with! It's just constant fun for 2 weeks straight!! There was a lot that happened so instead of writing novels under each picture, I'll just write a brief description before each event!

You can't start the season without going to see the Temple Square lights, and since we live right down the street from them, it was a must!

Ok, this next event was one of my favorite of ALL TIME! This year the Elder's decided to help out some families in need instead of drawing names for each other. It was the most humbling experience. Me, Brad, Jeff, Lisa, Brads aunt, Sandy, and Brads cousin, Lauren all went and delivered the presents the Saturday before Christmas. We had 2 families that we bought presents for and me and Brad were in charge of buying for a 5 year old little girl name Melissa. Gosh, it was such an incredible thing that we were able to do and help out these families! I got a quick picture of the little girl we bought for, but couldn't get much of the rest of the family. They didn't speak a lick of English and didn't know we were coming, but you didn't really need words to see how grateful the mother was. After all of us hit up this little restaurant that was in the area called Family Tree....ummm there scones were INSANE!! Loved them.......absolutely recommend the place to anyone, anywhere.

Another thing me and Brad did together was go to the Spoken Word the Sunday before Christmas. For anyone who hasn't gone, you have to go at least once in your life time. The Tabernacle Choir sings every Sunday morning for about half an hour to an hour. It got us right in the Christmas mood.
These next pics are of Christmas Eve with my family and our Oma (grandma). We were so lucky to have her come down to spend Christmas with us for the first time. Promise nothing in this world competes with Christmas Eve with the Weidner family. Also a little taste of Christmas morn and what our house looks like after 5 seconds of opening gifts....that's pretty much how long our Christmas mornings last.

Next bunch of pictures are of Christmas day with the Elders! Lisa always gets the girls the same PJ's, but this years look like she spent about 10,000 dollars on them....they are, by far, the nicest pj's I've ever owned!
This next picture is the cutest of them all-right when we got to the Elders, Brad, no lie, immediately got into his snow stuff, grabbed a shovel and went outside without saying a word to anyone. He was out there for about 2 hours. He comes inside so excited wanting to show me what he built. I go out to see, and the whole time he was making a snow igloo for little Bree, his niece. She LOVED it! I'm sure no one else loves this picture as much as I do, but it really was so cute how excited Brad was to built it for her.
These next pictures were from our annual Cousins Dodge Ball Game!! By far the BEST PART OF CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!! All of our cousins that live in Utah get together at a church for a huge meal and an awesome game of dodge ball! Everyone gets into it so much. Promise before every game each year I literally get nervous gut for how intense the games are. But man, they are well worth the year long wait..

Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas!! Thanks for enduring the long post:) and have a HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE!!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving in Vegas!!!

Me and Brad didn't have any work Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving, so we decided to hit up LAS VEGAS!! It was kind of a spontaneous trip, but of course those are always the best! After reading the blog of one of my friends, Tori Goodrich, she convinced us to stay at the Golden Nugget after talking about how fun it was. It was a BLAST!! There swimming pool was incredible!!! They had a shark tank right in the middle of the pool and a water slide that went through the shark tank. Thanks Tor for the good idea:). Here are some random pics from the trip...
The first night we got there, we hit up the Las Vegas temple. It was beautiful, absolutely beautiful. I promise we felt bad for a millisecond to leave the temple and then gamble our lives away, but I guess it's just all part of the Vegas experience.
Of course we couldn't help but go to the Bellagio water show, it's always tradition I'm sure for everyone that goes to Vegas. The Bellagio is famous for there seasonal decorations inside, they are so fun to look at. The pictures of course never do justice, so I'm sorry about the darkness.
While walking the strip, we had to hit up the M&M store, Coca-Cola factory, and the Miracle Mile shops, and of course check out all the pornography on the ground. Ha-jokes, but they were all so fun to see again.....well except for the nography.
This was the first year we walked down Freemont Street. It seriously was one of the coolest things I've ever seen. If any of you guys haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it. That's the screen/ceiling behind us.
These next pictures are the reason we stayed at the Golden Nugget. It was honestly the most incredible swimming pool I have ever been in. We couldn't get enough of the water slide that went through the sharks tank. Every time we went down we tried so hard to stop in the middle of the slide so we could get a good look at it, but we ended up looking like the biggest idiots with are legs and arms spread out to try and stop ourselves. Everyone could see us from outside every time we went down.
There were some other fun pics we took but it takes me about 25 mins to upload every picture, so here is a good little taste. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Baby Reesies Blessing

Well, most of you already know that my sister Stace had her, cute little baby girls blessing. I just wanted to throw out some pics and say how beautiful it was. Dave did an awesome job and the 1 1/2 hour blessing was enjoyable. Jokes, I just wanted Dave to sound like a spiritual giant there for a min. But seriously, it really was great! I'm so happy for them!So lately our favorite restaurant has been The Garden-whenever we hit up downtown, which by the way I recommend to every live downtown just once before you die. We are obsessed with this city. Who knew that 20 mins would make a world of a difference. But anyways, we love to go there for our dates. I know what your thinking, The Garden is a little pricey, and the only reason why I wanted to tell you guys that, this is our favorite place, was so you thought me and Brad were millionaires. Well...we are. We really only go there when we feel like pretending we are millionaires. Highly recommend the place though, they have a perfect view and really good overpriced food.
Last note- for any of you who are dying to go to an Aerobics class, I am officially teaching AEROBICS!! WOOOHOOOO! Monday nights and Saturday mornings at 8. Soon to be Thursday nights too after the Holidays. But I'll be honest, I only let woman over 80 come, so I don't feel like my class is in better shape than me. It's been so fun though, I only wish I would have started right out of high school. Come if you feel like dancing around and getting some exercise!! P.s. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


What could I possibly say to help you believe me that we had absolutely zero Internet since we have moved down town into our new apartment. Well, OK, we didn't have zero, but we were bumming off our neighbors Internet which meant we had, no lie, about 5 minutes at a time to get on our Internet.
So, as you can see, we finally got Internet and I can join the blogging world once again, but I have to be honest, last night after we got the Internet I was up all night pacing back and forth, sweating and screaming deciding whether or not I should start blogging again, because at most points for me, it is a freaking chore to blog.

I tried to make it as brief as possible of all the things I didn't blog about this summer all up until here we go.
Starting with my sweet sister's newborn daughter. She is incredibly beautiful and a joy to have around! Also I want to Congratulate my close friend Racquel, she also had her beautiful baby boy this summer! He's a gem!
Also, our close friends, Kelly and Candace Marsh got hitched this summer! We can finally talk marriage life with them now and its not so annoying and awkward.
Can't forget about boating with the Elder's....a guaranteed BLAST every time!! (Wish you were in this picture with us Liz..just not the same without you guys)

One of the my favorite things that happened, was our awesome cousins coming down to visit, Brette and Leslie, a week is just not enough with them!!

Thought I would get some pics of all the BBQ's we had this summer with friends and family. Promise I'm craving summer as I type...

Me and Brad finally got to the Zoo! We live right down the street from it, so we thought it was about time, and yes....the Gorilla did eat its own poo the entire time we were looking at it.Our good friend Cortnee Lambert is getting married in November and of course weddings come with fantastic reunion showers:).
And last but not least, HALLOWEEN! If you couldn't tell from the picture, me and Brad went as each other. I tried so hard to do that cute smile that Brad constantly has on his face, but as you can see, mine turned out like the ugliest face I have ever made....and just slaughtering his image. We also went to Kelly and Candaces for some food, games and hit up the This is the Place Heritage Haunted house, of course I didn't take one picture dang it, but just in case you were dying to know, it was an awesome night:)(sigh)....Well there ya go! Not that its your first priority in life to wake up and look at our blog, but I'm glad you are all finally in the loop again!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Good Old Random Update

This might be the most random post so far, but I hate when I get behind, because then I feel like I have to update on every little thing that we did in the we will start with the most random of me and my sis showing off our same hair cuts:). I really do love it because now we feel like we need to call each other and see what we are wearing that day so we match!

This next random photo-So right now we are living with Brad's parental units, and one day I walk upstairs and out of the buck blue sky he's just making a batch of raspberry jam, never in my life would I have thought that day would come-but he looked so dang cute I couldn't resist this picture.

These next pictures were taken while we were up in Logan spending the weekend with our good friends, Todd and Brittany-it was a blast with them!!

So another wedding came up of Brad's good friends. Tim Enger got married to the cutest girl-Rachell. There wedding was in Billings, Montana so me and Brad took a quick road tip up there for there wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and it really was a way fun road trip with just us. His birthday was on that Saturday, so for a little birthday surprise, I called up the hotel we were staying at and asked if they could decorate the room. They did such a dang good job! We walk in and there was a cake, some balloons, this big bowl full of just candy and popcorn for a movie theme. I honest to goodness walked in so happy at the job they did I was like screaming and jumping around, acting 100% like it was my birthday..

So there is the good old Random Update, hope you enjoyed the pics;)