Saturday, July 28, 2007

taylor and bethany's wedding.

This weekend was our cousin, Taylor's, wedding. Him and his new wife looked soo cute! We are excited to have her in the fam, even though I think it will be hard for her to adjust to the wild family of the Gibb's :). Here are some cute pictures from them coming out of the temple that we got...

After the wedding they had a lunch in up in Holladay and this house was INCREDIBLE! Me and Brad took a quick picture of us in yup, there front yard! They had these giant white swans in this beautiful pond in front of there house/mansion...

Sunday, July 22, 2007

jordanelle, zermott resort and birthdays

There has been a lot that has happened, but unfortunately we only have some pictures that were taken, it seriously is hard for me and Brad to remember to bring our gosh dang camera every where, but hey, we are learning! So 2 weeks ago we went up with Brad's family (Lisa, Jeff, Jeff, Libby, Scott, Russ, Brad, and myself) to Jordanelle and stayed at a condo that Lisa and Jeff got for the whole family! They brought up there boat and we just basically boated and had a blast starting Thursday till Saturday. We got pictures of the BEST part of the whole weekend......the WATER WEENY!!!!! It felt like Christmas morning the whole time we were on that thing, we all loved it!! (But we seriously wished that Liz and Ryan could be with us!! We sure miss you guys:)

The next weekend which is this weekend it was Brads birthday on the 19th. We celebrated by going up to the Zermott Resort up in Midway and went Kayaking the next day. That was awesome!! We went to Deer Creek and just kayaked and hung out on the beach. My arms are still seriously sore from it, and the wind was bad so we were basically going against the wind the whole time, but let me tell you, it made that beach so much better when Brad let us stop and rest;).

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Wedding Day!!

I thought I would start from the beginning with a little taste of the wedding day! The best day of our lives:). We couldn't have asked for more love and support from our freinds and family. Here is a little taste of what took place.....

Coming out of the temple I couldn't really focus on all the family, I was honestly too paranoid about tripping down the stairs-but it was an awesome feeling coming out hand in hand with Brad!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Yep I am still a man.

Well this is the first and probably the last time that i will be writing on this thing but i figured i might as well send some of my words to the wonderful world of the blogs. Life is great lots of fun things have happened in the past month and i am sure that many more will come. That is it thanks for coming and come back soon


Our New Life

Well, its about time is all I can say! I never thought we could feel out of the loop when it comes to Blogging! I guess it's an easy way to fill in everything that has been going on in our home/apartment. We got married June 1st, I can't believe it's already been a month. We are living in American Fork right now, Kristin and Taylor Smith (our freinds) let us take up there apartment until they got back from Canada.
We are doing good and loving life. Married life is awesome and we love getting to know each other more and more! For the Fourth we went up to Zermott Resort with my family and it was a blast! We did some swimming and major bike riding with some bikes my parents rented for us. We are heading up to Heber with Brad's family and that should be great with the whole family there, now that I have a blog, i'm sure you will see some pictures after this weekend! Hope to hear from you all soon and hope this can tell you a little bit of what's been going on with the Elder's!! :)