Tuesday, June 29, 2010


So, just an f.y.i. to all you bloggers out there...this thursday, as in 2 days from now, i'm teaching a free aerobics class at the daybreak community center.

it's at 8:30 (PM) and it's just for an hour....and like i said, it's free.

i would be obsessed if you came! no, i really would, because it would help me get the job.

so, if your interested-please come!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

boating is the bomb.

nothing says summer like going boating. i never grew up with the luxury of being able to take a boat out on the lake whenever i wanted, so i promise when we get to go i feel literal butterflies when i'm on that weenie.
i may have said about 8 times, "this is the good life".
being out on the lake, it sure feels like it. despite the water being half poop...it's still the good life.

Friday, June 25, 2010

my heart is longing to be with you. my sweet canada.

i'm in utter depression. this week is our annual july 1st canada trip. i have missed one summer in the history of my life. this is going to be the second.
i can't describe in words how freaking miserable i get when i think about me not being there this week. although i can't complain, we are going to europe in august, but still....i honestly had to debate if europe was worth missing the canadian reunion. brad was in utter confusion when i actually had to stop and think about which trip to take.
please-please my cousins-know my heart is with you. but my body is stuck in suckville utah by myself. with no farm. i hate this.
for more pictures of this superb, one of a kind week-check them out here and here.

sorry sterm, i sniped these from your old blogger mcgogger. hope you don't mind..

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

our little russ came home..

brads youngest brother finally came home from the phillipines.
the last son to go out on a mission, the last boy to come home out of 5,
the last to be called elder elder.
i'm sure lisa feels like a million bucks knowing she'll never have
to send out another missionary again:)
if you know brad, then you basically know russ.
he's just the kindest guy with a gentle personality.
we love having him home!

when i got back from girls camp, we all hit up strawberry days together.
the blonde chick is brads cousin, lauren. i'm obsessed with her.
all of brads girl cousins are seriously so fun.
but nothing beats the people watching at rodeos.
the pink cut-off shirt and the "bumpit extreme" were my fave.
that girls face looked about the size of a tennis ball compared to her hair. love it.

Monday, June 21, 2010


girls camp was an absolute success!!! i'm so obsessed with each one of these girls. i don't have enough time and space to write about each one of them and how much i have grown to love them.

girls camp included absolutely zero sleep, freezing my anus off, camp fires, girl/tent talk, laughing so hard i couldn't stand, rapping, chanting, ribbons in the hair, non-stop games and face painting.

testimony meeting was one of the most precious times in my life. ope, tearing up.

and of course the best part was when the girls stole my bra and hung it on the flag pole at 3 am in the morning.

this last week was priceless to me, and i'm not going to lie, i loved being away from everything. phones, computers, work, tv. it was awesome.

i'll give ya a buck if you can find my face in that picture above...
believe it or not, those 3 hotties above are the leaders.

(the ugly face game)

for more pictures and footage of our wards rap, check out her blog.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

my sweet dads.

oh gosh, how could a girl possibly describe the love for her dad. or dad(s) in this case.
both opposite personalities, both incredible men that i hold close to my heart.

my dad has taught me everything i know.
how to love, how to laugh, how to serve selflessly.
i've never known a man that wants to be closer to the Lord than him.
tears me up just thinking of my dad.

my dad-in-law has taught my sweet husband how to live a life full of the gospel,
how to love his wife unconditionally
and has more kindness in one hug than some people have in their lifetimes.
his sweetness is so rare,
in fact, i've only seen it in one other person, brad.

i'm spoiled rotten i tell ya.
to have such men in my life, i feel like the luckiest girl on earth.
what a wonderful fathers day knowing i have both in my life.

Friday, June 11, 2010

brian and marci mcclemet

our good friend finally tied the knot with cute marci!
and in all honesty their reception was way fun.
the weather was perfect, they served russell's ice-cream and so
many people i haven't seen in ages were there!
laura ward, whitney bullock, lindsay reed, ashton mccmulin...
all people i was obsessed to see and catch up with.
(high school folk)
they both looked incredible and as happy as ever!

way to go brian!!
now lets hang out as marrieds...

p.s. i'm heading out to girls camp in a couple of days, so i'll see ya in a week!
wish me luck, every girl said it was going to be their time of the month.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

fhe or bust.

welp, i have to admit i was a little embarrassed this
morning after i read what i wrote last night.
***note to self--keep deep thoughts about life to self when buck tired.***
me and brad tried for a family night on monday,
i think that one made for our second family night in our 3 years of marriage.
but every night's pretty much a family night with no kids right?
the lesson ended up being about how we shouldn't
wipe our boogers under the drivers seat in our car anymore.
and then we closed with a song that we both sang in our weirdest voices yet.
it's hard to be serious when it's just us 2 sitting there like idiots.

i rode my bike to the park tuesday night, something i haven't done in awhile and for sure need to do more often! it felt good. it felt dang good. because it's mostly downhill to the park, and nothing but breeze in the face.
this old, little guy made my day so i couldn't help but snatch a picture of him.

i can't sleep.

it's a little after midnight right now, and the only light in the apt is coming from the laptop sitting on my lap. brad is sound asleep in the next room. i can't sleep. my mind is racing a mile a minute.

it's insane how much marriage teaches you sometimes. before bed i was venting about some things to brad such as, stress, diabetes, being tired, people, and for some reason i started thinking about how brad never stresses about anything. i entirely switched the conversation/venting towards him not understanding how i feel because he never vents about his problems. poor guy. he didn't have a clue what to say. i went on about how different our personalities are and he just sat there listening. trying to understand this weirdo in front of him, i'm sure wondering how such polar opposites came together.

our conversation drifted off, and it was silent as we were laying there next to each other in bed with the lights out. then about 10 minutes later he said, "no one has ever come to me with their problems before, i'm still trying to learn and figure out what to do and say." my heart broke, then i cried some more because i felt so dang bad for making him think for even a second that my problems are his fault. why do i have to be so crotchity sometimes?

we said our "sorrie's" and our "love you's" then he drifted off to dream. i sat there thinking of this person i've become. i always used to think i was laid back. i used to think nothing really made me upset. i never really used to get upset. i used to think i was never going to be "one of those wives" that did this and that. now all i can think about is.... it's just life. everyone goes through everything. no matter how different the situations are, we all seem to come out feeling the same. it's also funny how before married life i would never in a million years be able to sit and write about these things. but for some odd reason i don't care. maybe because i know that every single person reading this has been through it. maybe not. who cares i guess. it's late.

anyways, sometimes it's better to not think i'm this "certain person" or want to be this "certain person". i'm almost starting to think it's better to not expect anything spectacular out of myself or think i'm a certain type at all. maybe just hope that with each situation i'm in, i'm able to handle it with an open mind and hopefully some sort of selflessness and love. it's bizarre that we spend our whole lives trying to figure out who we really are. i remember an old lady came into the clinic awhile ago and was explaining to me that after her 4th marriage she still didn't know what she wanted or who she was. she had to have been in her 70's. i can understand where she's coming from. i don't think i'll ever hit a point in my life when i'm fully confident with the person i am. but hopefully i can live a life where i know i'm at least genuinely happy with what's taken place in my life. and somewhat content with the choices i've made.

tonight we went to our good friends' brian mcclemet and his cute fiance, marci's wedding dinner. even though i know they will have their arguments, i'm sure they'll have their late nights, and i'm pretty positive they'll have their good share of misunderstandings...i'm still so excited for them to begin their marriage. it's such a wonderful thing. and they'll have some of their best times in their lives starting at this point. i can't wait for them to begin their marriage, and be able to share everything with one another. the good, the bad and the wonderful.
just some late night thoughts...take em or leave em.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

grill it.

we got a portable grill from our wedding-i feel awful but it's taken us this long to whip it out.
and since we have, we've used it every night since last friday.
we whip it out, fire it up, and grill till our eyebrows are singed.
please, if even for a second you are debating on getting a grill-DO IT!
you will love it. every night feels like a bbq for us.

and it even makes cooking somewhat fun and doable.

its a funny time, everytime.

i feel like so much has been going on, but netflix is taking over our lives to blog about it. we finished all of arrested developement, flight of the conchords, and watched movies that we both haven't seen since we were in jr. high. (ex. labrinth, james and the giant peach, beetle juice). bottom line, it's the worst thing that has happened to us.

i do have to tell you what happened to us at the movie theatres though. we went to see a movie last week in the afternoon, so naturally there was hardly anyone there. a man came up to us from kjzz tv and asked us to be in a commercial for the megaplex showcase (the commercials and little whatevers they show before the movie starts). of course we jumped all over it. so me and brad had to walk up to the girl that was taking the tickets, hand her our ticket, look into the camera and say, " it's a funny time" and then the girl ripped our ticket and said, "everytime!" while all of us smiling like dorks into the camera.
i'm literally laughing right now as i type this thinking of how cheesy it was. we were loving it so much. with our big popcorn and drink in hand.
SO, if you ever see us on the big screen before your movie starts, i would greatly appreciate it if you screamed out in your loudest voice possible, "I KNOW THEM!!!"

Saturday, June 5, 2010

highlights from a good week

i not only had monday off, but WEDNESDAY as well! i still wasn't a smidgen productive.

my little brother graduated from high school. wow. he's almost 18. boggles my mind.

me and brad were driving and saw a little teenager riding his bike holding a dozen roses in his hand like he was about to give them to someone. we were loving it so much. even brad said it was "cute". a word he rarely uses.

we had a picnic with some friends and played tennis after. i love tennis, and i made it a goal to play it as much as i possibly can this summer.

i was craving a doughnut like nobody's business on wednesday so instead of fighting it-we walked over to banbury's and got ourselves 2 doughnuts for breakfast. it was awesome.

we cut open a watermelon at our families bbq-and this little heart was at the bottom. it was the best surprise.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

happy birthday stace and coop

happy birthday to stace yesterday and coop today!
polar opposites when it comes to their personalities,
but 2 of my all time favorite people on this earth.
i love you both with all my heart.
i'm so happy you live so much closer to me now.
california was too far for my likin.

out flyin kites

on memorial day we did some kite flying. something i haven't done since.....nope, can't even remember the last time i did it. it was fun being out with the fam, and it was hilarious seeing my moms kite go into the trees and my dad looking like he's in his element holding that kite string.
brad was too busy loving his kite to take a picture.............so don't worry, he was there flying his kite like the rest of us 4 year olds..........