Sunday, January 31, 2010

jump on it.

we went with this lovely group of people to "jump on it" this weekend.
one of the most exhausting, sweaty, awesomely fantastic, places ever!

we were all freaking drenched after 2 hours of doing nothing but bouncing.
my lungs have never burned so intense and the next morning both me and brad felt like we had both been clubbed to death.

overall, it was absolutely worth trying at least once.
heck, i'd even go again-watching everybody feel free as birds
and falling all over the place was hilarious.
but my body ached so bad after one hour of jumping that laughing took all of my strength.

(buttload of pictures, sorry)

kelly, candice, nate, and vanessa.

i just had to get a picture of our matching shirts.
i promise we didn't call each other the night before and plan it.

Friday, January 29, 2010


so remember when i was telling you about how we left those presents on our friends porch? and were left thinking they were a sub-for-santa family??

well...they got us back.
we came home last saturday at midnight to this on our freaking porch.
literally door high piles of shat.
straight garbage they had gathered that night and 4 people to haul it.
might have been one of the worst 45 minutes cleaning it up.
along with our neighbors under us hating life when we dumped it over the ledge
to get it that much closer to the dumpster.

it's on.
war begins.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

sunday shebang.

me and my mom celebrated our birthdays (hers jan. 24, mine jan. 16) together by doing the only thing that brings us happiness..........eating.
not just that, but eating with the family.

literally before taking this next picture we said, "k, now do the butthole face".

stace looks sheer sultry in this pic. i love it! ha

we love being aunts:)

p.s. doesn't my mom look dynamite for her age??? 49 peeps.
and she's got more energy than i did when i was 17.
i love her so much.

p.s.s. with each picture i'm realizing how horrible my crows feet are getting.
if you know of any cream or miracle smoother for that matter- besides botox, plastic surgery, or ducktape...please let me know.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


grateful for having to only clean 500 square feet of apartment. i can't imagine having to clean anything bigger.
grateful for the extremely cheerful 80 year old man that's whistling while filling out his paper work. his whistle is blowing right into my face and making me have to swallow my dry heaves it stinks so bad.

grateful for the days that i force myself to exercise. the feeling afterwards is always accomplishing.

grateful for people that are brutally honest. they always make for a good story after the embarrassment fades.

grateful to come home and find our bedroom spick and span. then 5 minutes later find mounds of clothes hidden under 2 towels. my cleaning technique's are rubbing off on brad.

grateful for my lip smackers-vanilla swirl that i refuse to give up since junior year of high school.

grateful for sunsets that catch my eye and take me by surprise when i walk out of my apartment. i loved walking outside and seeing that. (above picture)

grateful for brads humor. essential for marriages.

grateful for the smell of my greasy hair that reminds me i need to wash it. if it wasn't for that smell, i would surely forget.

Monday, January 25, 2010

sometimes all it takes is a small tramp and a lovesac

the late hours are usually the best....

Sunday, January 24, 2010

sundance film festival

Align Centerwe didn't see any celebs, but we sure had a blast with one of the funniest couples i know.
nathan and vanessa hill are fantastic.
we did get the biggest kick though every time we walked up main street
because everyone just stares each other down hoping you're a celebrity.
i really do love park city, we always have a good time up there.