Tuesday, November 20, 2007


WOOOHOOOO!!! LAS VEGAS BABY!! This past weekend Me, Brad, Kelly and Candace all drove to St. George, stayed the night at Kelly's grandma and grandpa's house and that following morning drove to Vegas and spent the day! A day is all I can pretty much handle there and to be honest it's not even the day that is fun, its seriously all for the night life there!

The first thing we did when we got there was the STRATOSPHERE!! Candace wanted to go on the ride that tips you over the edge so bad-but us 3 were seriously just straight scared out of our minds. There were 3 rides up there, the Scream (that cart that tips you over the edge), Insanity (You sit in seats that spins you over the edge), and the Big Shot (the ride that just shoots you to the top of the Stratosphere). They went on the Big Shot and the Scream that tips you over...I lost weight just watching the ride! I was the most scared out of everyone there, I refused to go on any of them-well, they finally begged me to go on the Insanity, its the one that you sit in these seats and it hangs you over 1,700 feet and spins you....bawled, I literally opened my eyes once and when I did, I honest to goodness started bawling! I have never ever in my entire life been so scared as I was when I was on that ride!!

The rest of the day was spent safely on the ground where all the fun was happening. We hit up the MGM Grand and took a quick look at the lions, we ate at the Rio Buffet, which was incredible food, and then we of course gambled just once...and let me add, I won 15 buckaroonies and I'm still smiling from it. We watched the Water Show at the Belagio which, no matter how many times you have seen it, still is so great to watch!

Here is Candace, Kelly and Brad on the Scream-worst ride ever made and even though they said they had fun on it, I guarantee they were scared out of there minds...

Had to include the good old dance show that was going on while we were throwing in the quarters:).

It was way fun and we couldn't have been happier that we went on this trip! It was an awesome little get-a-way and we hope to go again soon!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

the cabin

It has always been tradition to go up to Kristin's cabin for all of us 5 girls since high school. All of us girls usually get together about once a month, and this time we headed up to Kristin's cabin with all the husbands. It was a BLAST! Kristin and Taylor made some hamburger's and then we played some games. It is just the best way to get away from everything and just have a dang good time!

(Melissa, Kristin, Racquel, Chelsey, Cherelle)

Here is the whole gang. Its hard to see everyone, the lighting wasn't the best, but we got what we could!

Kristin and Taylor slaving away while all of us are taking it easy and enjoying every bite

Here is another shot of all the girls, it really is so fun when we all get together! We have all stayed such close Friends since High School and it gets even better when we are able to hang out with all the busy schedules!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

HALLOWEEN-and everything that comes with it

HALLOWEEN! I'll be honest, its not a holiday I usually look forward to, but this year it was awesome! I thought me and Brad were going to end up just watching a scary movie by ourselves because, well, I guess I just thought now that we were married we had to plan on just hanging out with each other due to people having there own plans. But we actually had a blast this year!

We went to the haunted corn maze with Kelley and his fiance, Candace. Umm, and I don't care what anyone says, that clown looks like something straight out of my worst nightmare, so I had to take a picture.

A good of friend of ours from work does make up professionally so she came and did all of our faces...the 3 girls above, believe it or not, were done with nothing but eye shadow. She did those masks with just eye shadow, it looked incredible! (Girls above-Kim, Shonna and Mary-all the girls I work with)

The Monday before Halloween Allie and Matt Mcfarland had a little party in there barn, so we thought we would for sure go all out and get decked out, we went and ended up, not only being the only ones this decked out in our costumes, but I think we also ended up scaring all the kids that were there-but I guess that just goes to show how real we looked with our tats..just hard PUNKS! Thanks Allie for inviting us, we really did have a great time!!
Thought I would put in a picture of Russell's great costume, Brads younger brother. Awwwww, doesn't he look so cute?
Halloween night we had a little get together with all of brad's friends and there wives/fiance's. We had some good Sloppy Joes made by Lisa and Jeff, they made the party awesome! After we played some games and then of course watched a scary movie. Loved all there costumes and had an awesome time with them, we always have such a great time when we are all together-can't wait till next year!!! So I hope you all had an awesome HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!!