Wednesday, September 9, 2009

labor day in park city (black and white version)

awesome weekend. just awesome!
like i said in the previous post, les and mike came into town. one of my good friends married a guy from canada and he's a good high school friend of mike, so we were lucky enough to have kristin and taylor come. jax's roommate came along with us too.
(promise i wish all our high school friends could have been there-please can we start planning right now for a girls know who you are:))

traditionally our fam always does something for labor day,
doesn't have to be huge, but we do something.
this year we headed up to park city and stayed at the best western. i am forever a fan of best western now. i was thoroughly impressed with that hotel.

the night we got there we went for a walk that ended up on the over pass waving our arms for the "honk" sign to cars. we tried to get as many trucks to honk....and yes, it was a huge thrill when they did.

played a mean game of volleyball and then watched 4 movies. no, that wasn't a typo-4 movies. grease, disturbia, 17 again, and mean girls. all in a row. everyone was completely satisfied with sitting and eating for 7 hours. so that's just what we did. while watching the movies, for dinner we had a delicious 4 course meal which popcorn, brownies, pumpkin cake, and chocolate covered rice crispies. i promise i was lucky to not have both my legs just fall off from how high i was from all the freakin sugar. diabetes is hard sometimes. or maybe its just hard when i'm around my family, ha.

besides shopping at the outlets, staying up till 2 laughing, and of course making fun of taylor and mike for having crushes on each other-we pretty much just lounged and binged.

classic weidner vacation.

oh ya, and we hit up the BEST fried chicken restaurant in the world. highly recommend it. even the menu says so...


the murdocks said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I want to go back immediately. It was way too much fun. I love the pictures of us lounging and especially the heffer one of me eating popcorn and looking sick. Thanks for sharing meliss!! Love them all.

the murdocks said...

Oh and I love that picture you got of me and cooper!!

AndersenFamily said...

I love that Mean Girls was on your list, a Park City favorite...

Anonymous said...

funnest weekend ever! and the one of stacie on the chair - i really thought she was trying to re-enact when you went low...please can i come intrude on your next family trip!?!?!

MaRk & RaCquEl said...

I am so jealous! Seriously I have been beggin Mark for months to go on a trip. It hasn't been happening so can I tag along with you and Brad you guys are always have a funnest times. Lets please plan something that would be so fun! Sure do love ya
p.s. your style is killer right now