Sunday, October 31, 2010

dressing up makes all the difference.

we had a little party over at brads parental units house friday night with some friends.
halloween once again was a fantastic time due to the costumes.  
i'm tickd though because i only got pictures of half the costumes that were there.
i love more than anything when people go all out on their costumes! 
me and brad had a hayday at the d.i. yet again. 
it literally never lets us down. 
even though we didn't have a theme...i still loved the outfits more than ever.

it was a freaking fun night i'll tell you what....

 i would say i was an 80's mormon mom.
and i actually have no idea what brad was.....and neither did he.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

another pumpkin fiesta

i'm lovin all this pumpkin goodness. we had another carving monday night with the elder fandango. sloppy joes for dinner (tradition) and pumpkin dessert for well...dessert. i was looking pretty haggard that night, so yes, i intentionally hid my face.

but brad had his A game that night with the pumpkin carving...his was fantastic.
i mean, it was for sure not as good as our good friend matt....but it was brads best, ha.
i loved the teeth the most.

byu game in the rain? yes please.

saturday the byu elder fan club invited us to the football game with them.
it was raining so hard, and because of how cold it was my sugars refused to regulate. i kept going low. so yes, there was a time i actually fell asleep on brads shoulder during the game. and there might have even been a time that i ate a churro the length of my leg to get my sugars back up. that worked.

so after that delightful churro i was as hyper as the 6 year old cheering with his dad behind us. and i recommend a denny's breakfast before each game as well.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

crimson with our brother and sister.

(ashley gibb allred, don't read anymore....there's more snakes, spiders and scorpions. i want you to be able to sleep tonight)

friday night was.....guess.....guess what it was.
you guessed right, it was another crimson night.
i'm tellin ya, we love these things.
we love pretending we're still cool by going to ridiculous college parties.
this time we invited russ and jax,
(my little sis, and brads little brother-they used to hang out in high school)
it was awesome, i seriously was laughing the entire night.
i don't know why, but hanging out with 2 of brads made my day.
russ is identical to brad.
they're both just hilarious in the dryest way.
and of course me and jax were polar opposites jumping all over the place.
one of the girls even asked us if we were twins.
never ever ever have we ever been asked that before. we loved it.
the dancing was absolutely the highlight of the night, we all got into it.

Friday, October 22, 2010

pretty colors.

i can't help but love the fall colors.
i've been snatching as much color as i can this week because it seems to be jumping out at me.
wednesday a text was sent out to the troops (the fam) for "lunch @ 12:30 @ rio".
naturally we all dropped everything and met up for lunch immediately.
we had some major concerns to talk about for our trip next month to hawaii (words literally can't express the excitment i have for this trip).
our biggest concern wasn't figuring out how to fit 12 people on the same flight, or where on earth 12 people were going to sleep, or even figuring out how we're all going to pay for this.......our biggest concern, literally, was how we're going to get a boombox in our bag so we can have beach dances.

Monday, October 18, 2010

thursdays are awesome.

don't get me wrong, i love chummin with brad, but thursdays are turning out to be fantastic.
since i have aerobs on thursday nights,
and brad has school all day,
i go down early to hang with the fam, stace and the kids and now
it's turning into a tradish to meet up with brittany and allie for lunch.
there's truly nothing better than talking over lunch about boys and periods.
therefore making thursday an awesome day.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

pumpkin party

Align Center

we had ourselves a pumpkin party this weekend with the andersens and the whittings. we had everything pumpkin thanks to christina and suzanne. suzanne made her famous pumpkin soup, with real pumpkins may i remind you, (promise i need a straw while eating that soup, a spoon doesn't get it in my mouth fast enough), and christina made her incredible pumpkin shaped bread. and then of course finished the night with pumpkin and chocolate chip bread. we carved pumpkins and no matter how hard i try it always turns out ridiculous. it's about the experience though right?

we watched the movie burnt offerings. it was an old 70's movie, and it....was......awesome. ha. please, everyone please if your looking for an old timer scary movie to watch, rent burnt offerings.

p.s. i'm obsessed with brads face in that last picture. and i'm even more obsessed that i'm trying so hard for a descent picture. i looked at it and i couldn't stop laughing.

p.s.s. thaynes wig was priceless.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

i don't feel so stupid anymore....

walked into our room last night to this. brad reading hunger games. he looked pretty into it too. he's definitely not a reader of this sorts. he ended up reading it till all hours of the night. couldn't help but find it incredibly cute....
......i just love'm.....

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

ugly picture fridge.

our family has an ugly picture fridge.
instead of our families accomplishments and "proudest moment" pictures, our family finds the most hideous pictures of each other and displays them for whoever comes over.
those are the kinds of pictures that make the fridge.

you wouldn't believe how ugly we've physically been growing up.
some of them you wouldn't even recognize which kid it is because some of these pictures are just heinous.
i found this picture the other day looking through picture stacks and laughed so hard by myself i couldn't even stand.

the part that makes me laugh the most is that i had to beg stacie to the point of tears to wear that green shirt on the first day of school. she gave in after i promised with my life i wouldn't spill anything on it. i don't think there was a time in my life i felt cooler. and it shines through in this picture.

it's definitely a runner up for the ugly picture fridge.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

a canadian thanksgiving!

yesterday was the canadian thanksgiving! so we thought it would be fun to have a full out thanksgiving turkey dinner. since taylor, kristin's husband, is from canada as well, we'd all celebrate together. it was awesome. i never again want to go without 2 thanksgiving dinners a year.

we played some games and finished the night with pumpkin pie dessert. the complete thanksgiving din. and i loved having little kynlee, cherelle's girl, there.

i love watching my friends be moms. you know, i have such beautiful friends. i was looking at all their blogs the other day and i couldn't believe how grown up and beautiful all my friends from high school are. if you only knew the crap we did in high school, you wouldn't believe it. from standing inches away from trains as they passed by, to poopie dollar. you wouldn't believe that such beautiful faces could do such stupid stuff. i wouldn't change those memories for anything.