Sunday, February 28, 2010

aunts and uncles.

brad's sister in law, libby, came into town from texas for a couple of weeks with the kiddos. we got together last night and literally couldn't get enough of them.

we are obsessed with them.
there personalities are hilarious, they had us all laughing the entire night.
i hate that we have to miss out on watching them grow up.
and bree couldn't get enough of playing "nurse" with my insulin shots-
she loved holding the skin while i shot up.

friday night we did the unthinkable-we went to crimson night. read it right,
crimson night at the U.
BUT-i have to defend mine and brads honor, we went strictly and only for the dancing.
i don't think i've ever felt this fullfilled in my life.
i was on cloud nine just being able to full out dance like the old days.
we are both incredibly sore.
there was a time in the night when i actually had sweat dripping off the top of my nose.
we (i) just wanted to dance so bad and it was dirt cheap.
i'm not kidding when i say i think i got whiplash from dancing so hard.
it was seriously a fantastic time.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

today i feel tired.

this morning i pushed the snooze button 7 times.
i feel tired, heavy and in the lazy zone.
i feel like cuddling up with a thick blanket and eating something warm
while watching a good movie.
i was sitting here thinking of what could possibly get me out of this laziness.
i thought of reese, putting on my sun glasses and it had
me laughing like an idiot.
she's so bubbly, smiley, and always energetic- just like her mamma.
i want her personality to rub off on me right now.
i'm craving a big juicy kiss from her.
i need that little ball of sunshine around me.
thank goodness for personalities like that-they are always
needed for days like these.
(picture taken by stace in canada 2009)
p.s. if you're also in need of a good laugh, check out her delightful blog. her post today is fantastic.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

robbie bobs.

my little brother won his playoffs game last night for bingham hockey!
i'm not going to lie, i felt proud for him.
and i did cringe every time someone checked him, or smashed into him.
i guess that's just the "protective older sister" thing.
although i did love it when he did it to someone else.
but it was so fun seeing him play and being there to support.

way to go rob, we are all proud of you!

Monday, February 22, 2010

fondue frenzy.

5 things i'm officially obsessed with:

1. scott's cookie monster shirt.

2. having 2 families.

3. being so full im left paralyzed on the couch with my top button undone.

4. watching the men trying to light the rum on fire, and the flame spreading on the table.

5. home-made, unlimited fondue.

(i honestly can't thank you enough sarah for that insane cheese recipe! it was a huge hit!)

more pizza.

friday night was huge for us!
we officially planned our trip for august.
i couldn't even begin to describe how excited we are about this!

that being said-i never imagined spending that much money on one thing could actually make me physically sick.
kinda felt like we got punched in the stomach after buying the plane tickets.
welp, oh well...ya only live once right?

so us 4 celebrated by spending more money and
eating at a pizza place.
i would even go as far as saying it might
even be comparable to settebello's pizza.
toscano's pizza (over by best buy in draper) was the cherry on
top of our night.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

van or truck??

we couldn't take our eyes off this thing when we saw it.
have you ever seen anything like it before???
also, i don't know what setting i had my camera on, but the mountain tips look pretty rad eh?

Friday, February 19, 2010

cloud nine.

ahhhh...... finally the weekend.
even though i'll be working the majority of it, i still crave it.

me and brad have been into watching the olympics.
i can't tell if we enjoy watching them, or if there's just nothing else on so we feel obliged to watch them.
although i love brads commentary on all the men's delightful ice-skating outfits. i'm convinced it's just his cover up for him actually loving them.
and how tight some of them are. ha.

the other day we spent 5 1/2 hours in our underwear.
watched tv, cooked, ate dinner, even cleaned a little bit in them.
not because we wanted to, or even for the reason that i'm sure you guys are thinking-we literally just didn't notice.
we came home, got comfortable, and immediately started watching tv.
and while we were just lounging, it hit us that we had actually been in just straight underwear for 5 1/2 hours.
i'd consider it a good day.

heard a fantastic quote yesterday, "One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats."
-Iris Murdoch

i find myself amused by the olsen twins lately.
have no reason to be, don't even like them.
i'm just amused.

heard this song on the radio tuesday.
it made me miss my sisters so much i almost drove to them.
not to mention i was on cloud nine when the song actually came on the radio.

have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


some days just seem better than others.
health, job, husband, friends, family, love, humor, food and the gospel.
what else could a person ask for?
i can't help but feel content.
just one of those days i guess.
i feel blessed.
that's all.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

channel 2 news.

we sure don't get too many celebrities in utah, so when we saw the news guy from channel 2 walking down the streets of salt lake, i couldn't help but get a picture with him.

we were laughing so hard at how shocked he was when we acted like he was walter cronkite.
so we felt like we had to support him and watch him do his stuff after treating him like we actually did watch him.
you probably saw us waving in the back round, or when we all smooshed our bare bums against the window..........ya, that was us.
just kidding.

of course we did get some bayleaf cafe in.
we had to introduce taylor and kristin.
and don't worry, we still needed dessert so we drove over to chili's after to get some of there dessert goodness.
i love my "hair" in the picture above.
i look like i have the utah poof down to an art.
ok, so it's actually my hood.
sorry to disappoint.
it was fun getting out with these guys.
at chili's there was a point all 4 of us were laughing so hard it was dead quiet with just our mouths wide open.
they've had a tough year, but are 2 extremely hilarious people, and always have that sense of humor no matter what situation their in.
we love them both like family.
i love all my friends so much.

Monday, February 15, 2010

a lovely weekend

well, valentines was extremely low key-just how we wanted.
but brad did surprise me with the traditional heart-shaped pancakes for breaky,
which i always love!

i must say though, i went balls out this year and made a little book of
all the things i love about brad.
and by going balls out, i mean cut out about 3 words from a magazine and glued them.
i would be too embarrassed to show you the inside,
there's some things that i'll leave just for us i guess:).
it was cute, if i do say so myself.
maybe i feel like i can say that because i'm the absolute worst human being when it comes to "arts and crafts". i felt proud there for a bit.

i hope you all had a wonderful valentines day!

no texting and driving for me.

a 20 year old came into the clinic today-his entire left side of his skull was smashed in. his left eye not even visible.
i couldn't help but ask, and he responded pleasantly that his friends girlfriend was texting while driving and she drove into a parked car.

that's all i needed to see to never text and drive again.

Friday, February 12, 2010

happy valentines.

i hope you all have a very romantic weekend!
i'm starting to grow fond of this holiday, even though we never do anything.
i guess it still feels good to have a day that feels different from the rest.


(picture from o.bolles.)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

jordan and melissa.

i attended one of the best weddings last night.
not because of the classy decorations, or the beautiful reception, or even the food,
but because of the people who were getting married.
2 of the most incredible individuals i've met in my life.

it really is a good feeling when you see 2 people get married that
you know will do wonders together.
and not just being able to see the bride and groom,
but being able to see all the people
that are friends with them.
all some of the finest people i know.
i'm not lying, or even exaggerating.
yesterday was an awesome day for me!
and i wish them only the best!

sorry i wish i could have taken more pictures of everyone,
but this is all i could muster.
you really do get caught up in hilarious conversations with all the friends
to think about pictures.
p.s. stace, i wish more than anything you could have been there!! please get better for my sake...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

on my mind as of lately..

i'm completely satisfied with the thought of living in a cottage for the rest of my life.
not a house.
and it might have to be in the mountains to reach my fullest satisfaction.
me and brad are finding excuses to drive past this house daily.
lately i've had a funny urge to work at a bakery.
owning one would be ideal, but working at one would be good enough for me.
i even told brad i'd be totally cool if he wanted to switch careers and own a bakery instead.
he said he'd consider it...
all i want to do is drink sugary hot chocolate with doughnuts all day long and not have to worry about my blood sugars going hay-wire.
p.s. also, i want to be lazy and watch movies all day while enjoying hot chocolate and doughnuts and not feel an ounce of guilt from doing so.
before our wedding day, we heard countless times the advice to
"go to bed mad, and you'll wake up happy in the morning".
we found out last night.........and this morning.......that that advice doesn't work for us.
i think we'll resolve the matter before we go to bed so it doesn't trickle on to the next day..

Monday, February 8, 2010

laramie, wy.

leslie wasn't lying one smidgen when she said there is nothing to do in laramie.
my heart goes out to her for having to stay there and support while her hubs goes to school.
but no matter where les and mike are, it will be a good time.

her freaking baby is adorable!
i was obsessed with him before i even met him,
and meeting him just did me over.
he has some of the deepest, cutest dimples i can imagine,
and some of the smoothest skin.

i fell hard for little jake. and leslie makes an incredible mom.
it was awesome being able to be with them, have late night chats in our pj's, and just hang out and talk like old times.

we drove to fort collins, colorado, which was about an hour away-it was the daintiest little town! we hit up rodizios....mmmmmmm....rodizios.
one of my all time favorite places.
i was obsessed with is little pants.
they looked even cuter to me hiked up to heaven.
(this one's for you mike)
and of course had to take some pictures of my road trip.
i'm obsessed with the open road.
i loved even more being able to listen to all the music i wanted without brad disagreeing.
i belted out every song with pride.

i unfortunately did get a ticket. $117.
the cop pulled me over and asked, "do you know how fast you were going?"
and i replied honestly, "yes sir, i was going 98."
the cop, "oh..... well i clocked you at 94."
me-"i'll take your number over mine."
while laughing that wein gave me a ticket.

then after texting brad to tell him the shiz news, his text reply was, "how many tickets are you going to have to get to understand to not go over the speeding limit?"
he's a brilliant man, i just wish i could give him a dang answer.