Tuesday, November 30, 2010

jump on it with robbie and his cute date.

 we doubled it up with robbie bobs. his date was adorable. 
i'm hoping she waits for him, 
and yes, this was their first date.  but i can hope. 

we hit up jump on it again. i love that place more and more.  
who doesn't love a building full of trampolines? 
i just hope my body recovers before the next time i go.
exercise in disguise.

Monday, November 29, 2010

thanksgiving: weidners

763 pounds later, both thanksgivings are over. man my body needs a heavy duty detox. i'm not talking about a week of cayenne pepper and lemon water.  i'm talking about the prep my work uses to clean out the colon before a colonoscopy.  it was such a wonderful holiday. i really was in love with everything we did.

my mom made an outstanding dinner that ended within seconds because our family turns into ravenous wolves when there's food in front of us. it was delicious mother weidner.
that day our entire family went to stace and daves ward to listen to their beautiful talks in sacrament meeting, ate a thanksgiving feast dinner, and then played some mean games of pit. our family is becoming huge fans of that game.

i can't tell you how much i loved being inside with my family while the snow was falling so peacefully outside. i miss thanksgiving holiday already thanks to both families.

check out stacie's unbelievable pictures from kauai here.  she's got game with her camera.

Friday, November 26, 2010

thanksgiving: elders

 why yes, that is actually the turkeys neck brads shoving down his throat. we made out after he ate that.
 please don't ask me what my hair is doing.  i honestly don't know.

how about that extremely overrated storm eh? i was thrilled everything got cancelled like school and work...but we were really disappointed that we didn't have to live off mac and cheese noodles for a week. (only "food storage" we got)

we spent thanksgiving with the elder clan with just me and brad, the parentals and russ. 
it was really laid back which i love more than anything.  we went to harry potter and loved it. me, brad and russ watched strange brew and laughed out loud on a couple of scenes.  russ even laughed so hard he cried a little bit. slept in. ate till my pants almost ripped in half and took a lot of naps.  it was perfect. and lisa's pies had me salivating. still do actually. it was a wonderful thanksgiving with them, and i'm so grateful for their love. so very grateful.

now this weekend we'll have another thanksgiving with my family.  if i can count correctly, which i can't usually, that makes a total of 3 thanksgiving dinners this year (canadian). glorious. absolutely glorious.

gosh the last months of the year are a dream come true.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

happy thanksgiving!

i couldn't get more cliche than writing down what im thankful for on this day, 
but as i reflect passed the big things and notice the small.....
it's these simple and small things that
make life so wonderful.

i'm so grateful for pumpkin pancakes with chocolate chips made by my mom in law on thanksgiving morning.  they were so good i thought they were a miracle.

i'm so grateful for 2 families who are 100% ok with me farting out loud at anytime.

i'm so grateful for a husband that blows his nose in the shower.  that means he's not blowing his nose in front of me and watching me dry heave.

i'm grateful for rockband. dedicating countless, useless, and long wasteful hours to that game has made me feel cool when i push "expert" on the drums.

i'm so grateful for brads dog panda. i secretly always feel extra loved when she, without fail, humps my leg.

i'm so grateful for crude friends.  and when i'm left laughing on my own weeks after the jokes were said.

i'm grateful for my sisters and our random "i miss you" texts.

i'm so grateful for a little brother that wants to have sleepovers and watch best of jimmy fallon with me into the night.

i'm grateful for diabetes.  hahaha, just kidding. i'm not.

and lastly...i'm grateful for brads tight hugs.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

please bless we're snowed in.

(picture from park city last year)

i CANNOT tell you how excited i am about these weather warnings!
there's something romantic about being snowed in i think. 
well, i'm sure it's romantic until brad wants to kill me. 

if this is the storm that the church has been preparing for us our whole lives to get food storage with, 
me and brad are straight up screwed.
brads school, as in the u of u, got cancelled today just so the school can prepare for this storm.  
so yes, we just got back from stalking up on movies, pizza's, and crap.  
everything and anything a diabetic shouldn't be eating,
you bet your bottom dollar we'll be lounging and binging in our underwear 
while the snow is keeping us inside.

i hope you all gain as much weight as im about to.

Monday, November 22, 2010

friday night date night.

friday night we had ourselves what you'd like to call a date night. 
hit up spaghetti factory and got some cinnamon covered almonds that we could smell from the parking lot.
(i don't think i've ever laughed so hard at one picture in my life 
then the one of brad holding those almonds)

and then at the hive in trolley square they had this unbelievable display going on of these 14 woman that shaved their heads, whether because of cancer or just because, and they talked about how 
big of a difference it is and how much it's changed their lives.
it sounds ridiculous, but it was actually incredible. 
promise i wanted to buzz my head so bad after walking out.
this artist, cat palmer, took these pictures of them and they were stunning.
i seriously recommend going and checking them out for a date night if you have nothing else going on.  
i think it goes through december 10th...or something like that.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

80's party.

some samples of some absolute brilliant costumes from that night.
we had an 80's party this last weekend that i still pee my pants thinking about.
it seriously was a freaking blast. 
and part of the reason why it was a blast is because of the giant slide projector that was covering half of the gym with mario brothers on the screen. 

but being able to play mario brothers was just a sliver of the fun....the dance is what made the entire night!!

we have a spectacular ward that i wouldn't change for anything.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

family photo.

Monday, November 15, 2010

where my girls at.

 i've been obsessed with being able to see my high school girlfriends so much lately. 
my friend cort had a baby, and chels has been in town for some weddings.  
like i say, obsessed.

all we do is laugh about high school.  
for some reason it gets funnier and funnier talking about those days.
sometimes life gets too serious these days, so being able to reminisce on the days when we didn't give a crap about anything is like a giant breath of fresh air.  

i love these girls so much.  
i loved them when they were painting my face when i fell asleep at sleepovers, 
i loved them when we were running down hills naked, 
 i loved them while sluffing school to hit up the cafe and share doughnuts, 
i loved them during heart aches and breakups, 
i loved living with each one of them during college,
i loved them at each wedding we were all able to support each other at, 
 and now i love seeing them cuddle with their precious babies. 
being the incredible mothers that i knew they would be.

(bingham high school senior year)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

short film of our fun on the beach.

i miss it already.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

kauai is my new love.

 sorry about the picture dump..
i know i already said this, but this place is unreal.  

i can truly say its a tropical paradise and not be exaggerating in the slightest.
i feel so blessed (ope, testimony) to be able to come here again.
the last time me and brad came i remember feeling an ache knowing we would probably never be able to come to this heaven on earth again.  
utah has never looked so dreary looking out the window when the plane was landing.
i can't say thanks enough to my parents.  
i know they scrimped and saved for this trip to be able to get us all there.  
and i'm so grateful (testimony part 2)
it was honestly the best time with my family.
i love them even more after this trip.
i don't know a more fun group of people all under one roof.

best conversation of the trip: gentle josh had to sit next to an older man on one of the plane rides.
the man asked josh, "so are you here for a family reunion?" (there was 12 of us all sitting by each other).
gentle josh answered by saying, "no, these are all my brothers and sisters".
the man asked, "oh wow, are you from utah?"
gentle josh said, "yes.."
the man asked, "how many moms do you have with all these kids?"
josh didn't know what he was asking and said, "i have one mom, and the rest are my brothers and sisters"
the man, "so wait, you only have one mom and the rest of these kids came from that one mom?"
josh," ya........i think so....."
we were all dying.

second best thing: a couple on the flight with us actually asked for my mom and dads number so they could hang out with all of us. they specifically wanted to come to one of our dances.  they called us 3 times while we were there. awesome awesome.