Monday, August 30, 2010


yes, we went to another crimson night. but this time we went just me and brad. they had some palm readers and taro card readers which was really funny.
i think we are getting really boring because all we wanted to do was get the free massages they offer. and we did, and i drooled on the massage table and when i got up and realized it i apologized about 400 times and felt ridiculously stupid.

after we got our massages we hit up the photobooth and headed out.

we walked out to the nearest field of grass and just talked. that was actually more fun than the crimson night. go figure.

i still actually feel tired from the trip, maybe it takes a lot longer than i thought to get back from the jet lag. or maybe i've been too engulfed in the books hunger games that i don't do anything anymore. another book coma.
i shouldn't be aloud to read novels, i get way too into them. they become to real to me.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Thursday, August 26, 2010

one of the funniest things i've ever seen.

i find myself watching this in the middle of the day just to laugh.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

orvieto, italy

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finally the last of the pictures. sorry they were never ending for a bit. even though your comments have literally made my days!

i saved the best for last. orvieto is a little village about an hour and a half out of rome. it was the cutest little town set on the top of these cliffs. we went there just to expect to walk through it, get lunch and then head home. but the second we came to the little village, we were insanely in love with it. i turned to brad about 5 times asking if we were on the set of a movie. we decided spur of the moment to stay the night in a cute little hotel. that was by far, the best part of the entire trip. we loved it so much. the countryside and vineyards that surrounded it, the quiet little cobblestone streets, the tiny little markets that sold fresh fruits..... it was exactly how i imagined italy to be. in that little village.

the entire trip was so great-and we were so lucky to have kelley and candace show us all the awesome places to see in london and paris! my advice...if you can't afford it, go into debt for it. it really would be worth every penny.

rome! (part V)

i was absolutely in love with the italians. the way they talked, the enthusiasm they all had, the way they take 3 and a half hour lunch breaks that include a nap. everything about them i loved.
i can say you can actually see rome in one day...we just had the luxury of enjoying it in 4.

me and brad felt completely prepared for this city because we studied by watching divinci code and angels and demons. we felt ready. but for reals, we got really into seeing everything from those movies. it was awesome!

what rome let us enjoy was:
  • colosseum
  • forum
  • vatican museum (sistine chapel) and vatican square
  • st. peters basilica
  • the 4 rivers fountain
  • trevi fountain (the one from when in rome, and we fell in love with each other the second i through in that coin)
  • spanish stairs
it's funny because as i'm typing this all out, i really still can't believe we were there in person to see these things. it was amazing. i would say the thing that most blew me away was st. peter's basilica. it was UNREAL! the altar in the middle alone was 7 stories high. when we walked in i really just sat there staring for about 10 minutes. i couldn't take it in.

also-i'm soo proud to say that settebello's is SPOT ON to how they make there pizza.
it's truly italian pizza. which makes me love it even more.

and once again, there night life was not a let down. just like paris, it comes alive!

Monday, August 23, 2010

paris: notre dame (part IV)

this day was sunday. it was raining from the second we woke up to the second we went to sleep. their rain is so different though, it's more like a light mist. it actually felt refreshing.
we went to church and ran into a missionary that said elizabeth smart was serving in the next ward over so it was cool to hear about her and how she's doing. he said she was way cool!

we went to notre dame that evening and the weather almost set the mood for that church.
it was dreary almost, and extremely quiet around it. we walked in and the only thing you could hear was the water dripping off of people's coats and umbrellas. i would even go as far as saying it was a little scary for me, ha. it was really dark inside. yes, i'm a fag.

anyways, for some reason i love thinking of this day, and the rain. so i did black and white when i was taking these pictures because, well..that's pretty much how it was. kind of a dark, cloudy, black and white evening. all creepiness aside, notre dame was beautiful-and we loved climbing to the top and looking over the city next to all the gargoyles.

p.s. all i could think about was the hunch-back.