Friday, April 30, 2010

goodbye crap weather.

me and brad are heading out of this nast weather to get some sun lovin.
goodbye fetching utah....hello vegas weekend!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

busy, busy, busy.

i'm someone that if i have any ounce of responsibility i feel busy/stressed.
also known as...lazy.
i'm the young woman's camp director (promise i'm not saying this to be a mormon talking about her calling on her blog-even thought that's exactly what i'm doing) and this heck of a calling is keeping me busy, but i have to admit-i'm uber excited to hang out with all 3 of the girls that are going. city wards..... nothing beats em.

but in the mean time, we had an awesome bbq (before this winter struck) with the elda's, a good, wholesome lunch at zupes with my fam, and a perfect one tree hill session with stace.

so despite how "busy" i've been, i always find time to play, which of course makes life enjoyable:).

p.s. i walked into work yesterday and i actually did my hair and dressed myself (which is rare because i always wear scrubs) and one of the girls i work with saw me, laughed and said, "melissa your so funny, you always look like you just roll out of bed and come to work".
i laughed right along with her and agreed, but in my mind i was thinking of myself slapping her face so hard her head was facing backwards. girls are a funny breed aren't we?

Monday, April 26, 2010

weekend wedding

this weekend we went to a friends reception from high school, kurt frandsen. the reception was beautiful! and the best part was the golf carts we were able to just drive around and look at the gardens. brilliant idea if you ask me!

and the chatting with old high school friends at iceburg was the cherry on top of the night.(golf cart action)

Friday, April 23, 2010

another rainy day.


does anyone else feel exhausted from this week?
all i want to do tonight is cozy up to a good movie and eat some good food...... some unlimited good food.

i hope everyone has a good, rainy weekend!
ok so a little bit of me is hoping it rains the whole weekend so i have an excuse to not get dressed, put on makeup, or feel like i have to be productive.
just watch some good, wholesome, cheesy love movies.
and eat.
and sleep.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

some pictures we couldn't get enough of from sunday.

i know.......... i feel like i overload with pictures, but for me, looking at pictures is way better than reading. which is why i still read books with giant pictures on each page.
i feel like today is friday. i hate days like that, because then tomorrow it feels like i'm working on a saturday. oh well, i'm just glad it's towards the end of the week:)

for a good laugh go here. brad's older brother sent it to us, and we have literally watched it every day since we got it.
i think brad secretly wants to be this guy.

what a weidner sunday walk looks like.

i'm sure some people thought it was a parade.
but we all just wanted to go out and walk in the good weather.
we can't help but take up the road,
our family is just so dang big.

Monday, April 19, 2010

pretty picnic.

you just can't resist this weather.
i feel like i'm finding any excuse to be at the park.
and having liberty park in walking distance is a luxury.
everyone was there. every dog was there. every family was there. we loved all the people watching other people.
we even fell asleep on our blanket and both woke up with the worlds worst neck cramp from our faces turned to the side.
but the sun was worth it.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

another crimson.

k i admit, we did go to another crimson night. but this time we didn't dance once. we went to all the booths and displays that the cool single people avoid because they're dorky and the marrieds think are awesome.

they had an exotic animal show and we all got to hold the nasty little creatures. i'm going to brag for a second....and with pride......i was more brave than i thought i would be. i was holding everything. but i did feel nauseated every single time i did hold them.

and of course we did do a little gambling action. candice rocked at it.

oh ya, we did eat chocolate covered maggots and fly's. which by the way me and candice were picking legs out of our teeth the rest of the night. nasty. disgustingly nasty.

Friday, April 16, 2010

another day at the park......but with the kiddos.

after the cigarette lady, the freshly mowed grass smell, and cafe rio with the fam, me and stace had a free day.......and the weather was making us giddy. we jumped to the first thing we thought of, and that was the park. i happened to have a blanket in our trunk from our campfire.

we laid it out, bathed in the sun and went down the slides with cooper and reese.

i have a feeling i'm going to be a ronchy mom. cooper stood up and stacies sweater was cought in his pocket and a kid, about 5 years old that i wanted to slap, yelled out, "look at that poo poo baby!" and cooper just stood there looking confused.

i looked at him and with my low, manly, raspy voice said, "be nice you freaking fetcher." just kidding, but i really did say play nice in a rude tone. i got defensive. i don't know why. i'm sure the kid doesn't even know what "poo poo baby" means.

aside from the bully's, the park date was perfect for us. and red mango after the park didn't hurt either:).

Thursday, April 15, 2010

things i know 100% for certain.

i hate feeling stressed.

i will never enjoy waking up early.

i hate watching the news.

i don't like reading.

i will never be a size 2.

i will never be as calm and patient as brad.

i will never be able to pass up a bite of a doughnut.


i don't think i'll ever in my life get used to boogs and snot.

there are some things i'm still learning about myself, but these facts i know for certain.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

days like these.

i love days like these. when the unexpected happens, the sun is brighter than ever, and you don't feel any weight of the world on your shoulders.
sometimes these days are rare, but it makes them that much sweeter.

a wife just found out her husband had colon cancer after his procedure this morning. i went outside to take the mail out and found her sitting on the bench by the road crying with her head in her hands.
my heart shattered for her.
i walked up and asked if there was anything on earth i could possibly do to help her in this moment. while in sobs, she asked if i had a cigarette. she explained to me that she had quit about 2 months ago but desperately needed a cigarette to calm her.
my heart felt so sorry for this woman that finding a cigarette for her was all that i had on my mind. i went from clinic to clinic with no shame trying to find this woman a cigarette and a lighter.
after 4 clinics and some weird looks, i found one from a 17 year old receptionist. i had never felt so relieved when i found one for her.
she thanked me with a hug and i went on my way not being able to comprehend her life change.

after work i got in my car and drove down to spend time with my family while brad was at school. i don't think i've ever driven so fast to see them.

i was driving with my window down and i got the best, most overwhelming smell of freshly mowed grass. that smell reminds of me of everything. it puts me in a trans every time i get a woof.

i met up with the sisters and parents for lunch, and we chatted and laughed like there really wasn't one worry. it felt good.
i love days like these.

Monday, April 12, 2010

we were in need of a good campfire

we figured since this weekend felt identical to spring for a good day, it was only appropriate to go singe our eyebrows over a huge fire at utah lake. of course it brought back a flood of memories for me and brad and the high school days which had us laughing thinking back to all the dumb stuff we did.

we went down with vanessa and nate with a butt load of sugared crap that left us all sick by the end of the night. those 2 fags are moving in 2 weeks, so we have to treasure the time we have with them.

our good friend brian and his fiance marci, whom we also went to high school with, met up with us and joined in. it really was an awesome night. the weather was perfect, the fire was blazin and the lake shore was right at our toes. it made me yearn for summer like the dickons.

what can honestly beat laughing over a fire in the middle of no where? nothing.