Monday, November 30, 2009

san francisco-part 4-fishermans warf and china town

eww, i really am so sorry about all the pictures.
i promise we weren't there for 2 months.
everything was just so awesome, and i did go buck wild with the camera.
but i really was just obsessed with everything.
so please don't feel a bit hesitant to have to look, these pictures are mainly for me and brad mostly to remember with.

man, fisherman's warf-we loved it!
it not only looked like a giant scene from a movie, but there was so much to do.
and china town-well, it was awesome mostly just for looks.
nothing too much to do........................... or understand.

we bought a chinese pastry from this old woman who literally didn't know a LICK of english.
we kept asking what she would recommend and the only thing she would say back is "yes, uh huh, yes, yes" while nodding her head like a typical chinese person.

san francisco-part 3-the city

this city is magical!
our eyes were beyond glued to everything we could see.

but i promise i was a little disappointed because we were literally peeling our eyes
trying to find the "full house" house.
but we didn't have enough pride to ask someone "where is the full house, house?"

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san francisco-part 2-golden gate perfection

this was my favorite part of the whole trip.
weather was perfect. and all we could do was just sit there in the sand and stare at the golden gate bridge. it was everything i expected. golden gate on our left, alcatraz on our right, ocean at our feet.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

san francisco-part 1-reno

i'm growing quite fond of the open road.
just leaving it all behind even if it's just for a weekend.
the sites along the way were breathtaking.
and i promise i love getting lost in conversation and having hours on end to listen to your favorite music.
there truly is nothing better than a good, wholesome road trip with your best friend.
and being able to stop at any place you want along the way.
having zero set schedule. i'm tellin ya, nothing beats it.

we got to reno, settled in, and hit up an awesome buffet at the peppermill hotel.
yes, we did gamble for a bit-lost 15 dollars, got ornery, then left.
i seriously HATE HATE losing money to those freaking slot machines.
because i get there really honestly thinking that i at least have a chance of coming out ahead.
never ever happens.

but those of you who have never been to reno-highly recommend it.
it's like a clean miniature version of vegas.
we loved it there!
then we headed to good old san francisco the next morning...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

new moon

all i can say

bottom line, i'm obsessed with twilight all over again.
the infatuation begins again.

and ok yes, i am going again tonight with my family.

then tomorrow mine and brads thanksgiving officially starts.
everyone have an AWESOME THANKSGIVING!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

joshua james

i love knowing the snow is falling right now outside
as i'm typing this.
snow at night always brings a calmness with it that i love.

friday night was fantastic!
settebelo's + joshua james live...
couldn't have planned a better night.

his music is really unbelievable,
but as a person, he seems like a freak.
i can never tell if musicians are on drugs, or just so passionate
about there music it makes them look absolutely psychotic.

but no matter how freaky he is as a person, he provides incredible music.
...and that's all we could ask for.
and plus i find his voice incredibly sexy.