Friday, October 30, 2009


this week has literally zipped by. and i can't believe it's halloween already.

this week i have been in sheer anticipation for last night.
i babysat 2 boys.... 6 and 3. both autistic. something i have just been counting down the minutes for, not out of excitement, out of utter nervousness.

turned out surprisingly awesome. both just as sweet as can be. other than one of the boys taking one of the nastiest poops known to man-kind. i only dry heaved about 8 times.........then got over it.
i tried to turn the fan on while he was in there and he screamed for me to turn it off because it was "scaring him".
so i had to just let the rank smell die on it's own.

but i'll tell you what, he was sure laughing at me for making "funny" faces and noises while i was dry heaving.


butterflies right now.

monsterous butterflies.

(picture from allie's halloween barn party in 2007)
oh ya, and

Thursday, October 29, 2009

one tree hill.

im utterly disappointed in myself.
i have always made fun of stace till no end for watching one tree hill, gilmore girls, 90210, ect.

there's just something about watching those shows with her at her house. i dink around sheepishly until i get the courage and pride to ask if she recorded any of them on her dvr.

and she never fails me.

we watched one tree hill yesterday on her couches while the kiddios were asleep.
the episode actually brought me to tears. it must be the music that gets me.
i'm officially a victim of this mess of a show now, and i can honestly say i can't wait to see the next episode.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

bad acme.

we tried a new restaurant friday night.
acme burger.
since i'm in ownership to this blog, i feel inclined to give my
honest opinion of what i think of things. and in all honesty-that place sucked.

way too over priced and an additional cost for the fries.
i think that's becoming a pet peeve of mine when you have to pay for fries, they don't just come with the boiga. (boy-guh)
the atmosphere was awesome,
which we noticed we were paying for after we got our burgers.

but we did take a walk around the city afterwards.
i love this city. love the colors. love the busy-ness of it all, but still low key at the same time.
the stores and places you never notice until your walking right in front of it.
and of course it helped that the weather was superb.
gotta love that red pollution.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

where the wild things are, brad, scott and emily all went to see where the wild things are.
the music was, i thought, absolutely incredible.
you couldn't help but fall in love with the monsters.
i was obsessed with the landscaping in every scene.
but in all honesty-it was somewhat of a letdown.
i wouldn't recommend it until dollar worthy. maybe not even that.

but the song from the youtube clip has been stuck in my head for 3 straight days now.

Monday, October 26, 2009

moments i wouldn't mind remembering.

so it wasn't the most jam-packed weekend,
but there were some little things that made it a great couple of days.
ok, so it's another cheese ball post.
but it seemed like i had some little moments over the
weekend that i keep
thinking back on that i just loved.

1. our ward is split with a deaf ward. i went to a boy's baptism and both of his parents were deaf, and he wasn't. it brought me to tears listening to the father give the baptism blessing and not being able to make out his words, but knowing that Heavenly Father and the mans son could understand every single word.

2. watching mary poppins under the same blanket with our 2 year old neighbor while brad studied. not because i was babysitting, but because it was the movie that we both agreed on.

3. listening to a 5 year old girl give a prayer and all that was said was, "dear Heavenly Father, thank you, amen."

4. a neighbor recommending chicken soup for the womans soul and not being able to put it down because of the wonderful stories from people's lives.

5. watching THIS and wanting nothing, but to be with people i love.

6. brad asking me if i wanted to take a bath with him (sorry, graphic), and me saying no because our bathtub is nasty. 30 minutes later going into the bathroom to find brad on his knees scrubbing the tub.

7. having an 86 year old woman in our ward ask me to finish painting the mouth on her pumpkin. and the entire time i was painting she was hovering over my shoulder and laughing so hard out of excitement.

(picture taken in kauai with brad)

Sunday, October 25, 2009


no words are needed to describe the pictures.....
but i'll tell you what-it's a good day when you have a big pile of leaves.

Friday, October 23, 2009

yes please

you can't help but fall in love with them. salt lake is just great.
have an awesome weekend guys!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

nothing beats bowling. especially with the goodmans.

bowling is one of those things that i always forget about,
but when i do end up going,
it always, without fail, turns out being something i crave and live for.
i think i just luck out with the people i end up going with,
because when we went with kenna and aaron-it was a freaking party.
these guys are a riot.
not to mention there son is one of the cutest kids i've ever laid eyes on.
promise when we posed for this picture we had no idea our tongues were this close.
had us rolling when we saw it.sweet leslie and her husband sean met up with us and bowled for a bit towards the end. both sensational bowlers.
this is kenna breast feeding her 2 and a half year old son right in the middle of our game. just kidding, but we laughed so hard when we saw this because that's exactly what it looked like. so we're just going to have to pretend for entertainments sake.

****when i walk home from work, i pass by a catholic high school. so every time i walk by, there is this kid that is always sitting next to this tree by himself. he's got the goth look down to an art. earrings covering every inch of his head and eye liner like i've never seen. for some reason my heart always breaks when i pass him-don't know why.
anyways, i walked by today and he was there under that tree-just staring. so of course thinking that if i say hi, i might prevent him from committing suicide right on the spot. so i say a simple hello with one of the biggest smiles i've ever put out. i'm feeling good like we could be the best of friends with the greeting i just gave him. he looks up and says without even a flinch-"eat Sh**. "

i kept walking not knowing what was getting smaller faster, my entire body or my ego. by the time i got home i was about 1 inch big and completely egoless.

so there ya go-thought you would like a "happy ever after" story for your day. i still don't know what to think about it. but i did get a good laugh on the way home with a rush of pain in my face from being so red.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

i love right now

i couldn't help but feel like a tool when i was taking pictures while christian, our good friend and apartment manager, was just trying to rake the leaves in peace -but i couldn't help it- the second i got out of the car i fell into a trance. the colors of the leaves made me sit and stare. i love it so much right now.

and yes it was a little hard for me to not just rip off my clothes and jump in the balls of leaves right on the spot.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

all we know how to do is eat.

we hit up trio-also a restuarant downtown that i highly recommend, zupas, cafe rio, and red mango. just on monday. i seriously am shaking my head right now at how much i eat out. but hey, i considered it a vacation as well with no work, so that's my excuse. nothing brings me more joy than eating. and even more so with good conversation.


it's been an absolute joy having her around. i downright love her.

i can honestly say we have been through everything together in this life. the ups, the down, the boyfriends, the break- ups, weddings, moves.... just life.

and if it wasn't in person, then it was spent over the phone in all hours of the night.

her having a baby is the first thing that we haven't done together at the same time. and maybe i am a little jealous about it. maybe i am feeling a little left out with all my friends and family with there babies. and maybe it is pushing me a little bit to want to start trying. someday.

she is so cute with her little round belly. i can't say enough about her being an incredible mamma. and then she can help me go through it.

bottom line, this weekend has been a perfect one. and i can't help but thank the high heavens for cheap airfare.

(now please get a blog leslie...)

Monday, October 19, 2009



hilarious fun with some good friends. what more could a person ask for? trolley square kept us entertained for hours. literally.
they taught us some country dancing moves and after we found a bench and kept it warm by chatting for a couple of hours. it was a good night! and of course spaghetti factory helped.

lesters shower

family showers are the freaking best.....
and this one was just fantastic because it lasted from 1:00 to midnight.
after the shower all of us girls shopped and ate till we couldn't move anymore.
we wanted to throw les a shower this weekend so we surprised her with her sisters and mom coming into town from canada.
i can't even tell you how fun it was to have them all down.
especially how they surprised les.
we want any excuse for them to come down so we can all see them.
-all the knocked up chick's-