Monday, March 26, 2012

a great song for a windy monday

i like landon pigg.  his music is always mellow and relaxing.  i first heard him on jay leno awhile back and loved the song he played, "perfectionist".  if you like that one, you'll also love "darling i do". but this song is one of my favorites.  i hope it helps you enjoy your monday cooped up inside.  or at least that's how i'll be spending it:).

a picnic in memory grove.

saturday morning we had no plans. which is sometimes rare. so we packed up a lunch and went over to the beautiful memory grove to enjoy the spring-ish weather together. i loved how many people were out and about at the park.  there was a big family getting their pictures taken, dogs and their owners playing everywhere, and scattered couples chatting around on the grass.  i asked brad to take some "maternity" pictures, but we only got to 2 because i felt like such an idiot. and plus after looking at the first picture i almost barfed seeing how short and stout i was.

we joked around at how funny it would be if we started making out and rolling around all over the grass. i can't imagine anything more unattractive than a pregnant woman rolling around making out. unfortunately we didn't dare, but we had a good laugh about it. then we got around to talking about our first kiss in high school.  sometimes i forget our friendship went back that far. we talked about walking to middle school together and how i always thought he was so cute, even with his braces.  then he admitted that he thought i was funny and how i was the only girl in middle school that went out of their way to talk to him.  that melted me for some reason. to this day, i still love his timid and humble personality.  never out to impress anyone, or prove himself. he's just content and always happy with life.

Friday, March 23, 2012

this week via pictures.


1. brads hot.
2. stacie and reese love. i long for that.
3. i'm obsessed with citrus. 2-3 grapefruits a day has become quite normal.
4. i can't see my crotch anymore. not that i stared at it before, but it just goes to show how big my belly is getting.
5. brad tried out a new app on his phone, so he asked me to pose and "kissy face" was all i could think of on the spot.
6. robbie's pictures he sends us. i'm so proud of him.
7. this gorge weather. most of you know how glorious it is! my walks have been wonderful.
8. reeses bum. i could sink my face into those cheeks without an ounce of hesitation.

it's been a splendid week, so here's to a good weekend! have a wonderful one everyone!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

st. patricks day.

we had a good day yesterday.  i'm not giving st. patricks day one bit credit to that, ha. 
even though we did start the day with green waffles. and since we were feeling lazy, we thought we might as well watch a movie that is green. it ended up being ghostbusters.  so we stayed in our pj's, ate green waffles, and watched a movie in the morning.  loved it.
later that night we celebrated some family birthdays with a party at brads folks place. 
it's always so fun to get together to catch up and laugh.

rewind back to thanksgiving.

i know thanksgiving was ages ago, 
but unfortunately i was sick through all the other holidays. 
thanksgiving just happened to be the only one i felt great, 
so i was able to document a little tid bit of the turkey day. 
seeing robbie in this video makes me miss him.

Monday, March 12, 2012

over the weekend...

we watched troll 2 with some friends who thoroughly enjoyed the movie as much as we did. it's fantastically horrible. they even made green jello for us for the movie, ha.
got fresh doughnuts saturday morning.
had dinner with the missionaries-and had a great conversation about what it would be like to live in denmark. which is where one of the elders was from.
watched adams family values. i can't even tell you how obsessed i was with this. it's a movie i completely forgot about, but loved with all my heart growing up.
i threw up in my cafe rio salad.  i didn't have enough time to make it to the bathroom, so my only option was to throw up right in my salad............or my purse. i was humiliated beyond words to say the least.
me and brad stayed up late last night talking about what it's going to be like to be parents. i loved it. i'm sure we still don't have the slightest clue.
had a great sunday dinner with my family. i laughed a lot. it felt good....
(my face looks haggard in this picture.)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

a mild update.

i can say without a doubt that i finally feel great. i actually have a ton of energy. i never realized how hyper i truly was until this pregnancy left me lifeless.  i'm starting to feel that hyperactivness coming back again. unfortunately for brad.

i pee like a demon. it's getting to the point that when i swallow my own spit i feel a urination urge. reminds me of the pre-diabetic days.

we picked out a name. i feel kinda dumb saying it already so i'll go public with it when she's actually here. but i'll give you a hint, we're naming her brad. just kidding. i don't know why i'm laughing so hard right now.

i'm in the annoying stage where i literally tell everyone on the street that i'm pregnant. "did you want paper or plastic for your groceries?"........"plastic, thank you. and guess what, i'm pregnant."........"um. cool." a type of person i for sure didn't think i would become. i can't help it. the excitement is too good to hold in.

i've been into stretch meditation lately.  i really like it surprisingly. it makes me feel really relaxed and energized.  i found some fantastic music to go along with it which makes me feel like i'm in the middle of a rain forest. i just hope my child doesn't come out a granola because of it.

i bought my first pair of maternity jeans.  i'll tell you what, there's nothing more hideous than wearing maternity jeans and no top. i literally laugh every time i step in front of the mirror before putting on a shirt.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

a young woman retreat.

this past week I’ve been feeling insanely better, which is a present to me. I’m still barfing, but anything is better than those migraines and fatigue. which by the way, thank you so much for all your comments of encouragement and congratulations. I kept reading them over and over again. promise. it was so nice of you guys to take the time!

over the weekend we (me and the other 2 counselors) found the quaintest little cabin in logan and took the young woman with us. we decided to have a little girls retreat. we binged crappy food, lounged around, danced, did facials, our nails, waxed our faces, watched chick flicks, and did some swimming. it was a fantastic weekend. something that needs to take place every weekend, or every day. and I must say, I got the best facial only because I’m obsessed with peeling skin from burns, so peeling my face was heaven on earth.