Monday, April 27, 2009

night on the town

Despite the fact that Brad had the best day of his life by himself at my dad's work, we did in fact get some down town Salt Lake time together. We thought we would take a night and hit up the town. That sounds a lot more cool than it was...but we still managed to have a good time. We got some dinner and then walked around the streets of good old Salt Lake. Tourists in our own town for the night. You should try it sometime, it's worth doing at least once.

I have zero photography skills, but I did try to get some cool shots of the city, but of course they ended up just looking like I accidentally dropped the camera on every street corner and just happened to get random shots on the way down. So here's a few randoms of our night on the town.

(he's quite the looker in this picture, if I do say so myself)

On the way home we were sticking our heads out the window to see who could last the longest with the brisk air....beat him by a long shot. Brad took a sexy shot of me while my hideous head was still out the window. As sickening as this picture is, I just had to show everyone what it looks like to be a winner, HA!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bradley Allen

Saturday's are the days I usually work for my dad at his Massage Chair office. Sometimes if Brad doesn't have anything else going on, he'll come and sit for 6 hours in a massage chair while I'm "working" (sitting in the massage chair next to him). Well, my dad just got a Mac computer, don't know enough about computers to know the differences, but apparently Brad did because after an hour of helping some people that came in, I went in the back and found these on the computer. He was just back there by himself taking these pictures for literally 50 minutes. Couldn't help but show off his lovely work. We were just rolling.

He's a keeper...

Monday, April 13, 2009

easter bo beast

There's not too much to explain here.....just a good old, fantastic Easter with both fams.

Weidner Family

Elder Family

Last but not least-with Stace being interested in photography and all, she always finds great looking people to take pictures of. Well, this next picture is a hot couple we came across that were planning to get married. She couldn't help but take there engagement pictures over the Easter weekend. They were just Stunning.

Monday, April 6, 2009

family babysitting plus april fools.

I didn't have a camera this weekend, so I'm sorry about having zilch pictures.

So this last week my parents decided to head out to Cancun for a little lovers trip, so me and Stace ended up babysitting the entire house full of orphans. It's funny how much I miss the chaos that comes with being in the Weidner home. You don't get that all too much living with just one person.
As many as you guys know April Fools rolled around, and I had to think of something to do. Nothing that I do works on Brad, because well, I think he's made an executive decision to just not believe anything I say anymore. So what better than to have a life threatening disease on my hands that I could play with for my family.
Me and Brad only have one car, so I asked my sister, Jackie and my cousin to come pick me up after I dropped Brad off from work. I thought this was a perfect time to pull my joke!
I get in the car and kind of act dumb, because well, that's pretty much how I act when I go into a Diabetic Low. (a wonderful diabetic side affect) I quickly ask Jax if she has any juice or anything and she immediately starts to freak out. "ARE YOU GOING LOW??", "DO YOU HAVE ANYTHING IN YOUR PURSE?", "OH MY GOSH I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING!!". So I try to calm her down and tell her I will be ok and then I just continued to sit. Seconds pass and I start to sit and stare. She is literally freaking out. (it was so fetching hard to keep a straight face, and for those of you who know jackie, she is quite dramatic:)) Then at that moment I decide to go into a full blown seizure. By that point she is almost in tears. Well, unfortunately my prank only lasted 2 seconds because I couldn't help but laugh and for the fact that I honest to goodness thought she was going to crash the car.

~This next bit is just something worth posting about. Josh, my bone-rail thin little brother loves to dance. Well, our entire family loves to break out in random dances, but this time it was Josh's idea. So we are looking through the music trying to figure out what to dance too, and this is how the next part of our conversation went down....

while looking through the CD's he says "let's dance to that one girl..."

I say, "What one girl?"

he says, "You know, that one girl that is trying to be a man?"

I can't help but already laugh and ask, "Who the heck are you talking about?"

he says, "You know, that Jackson girl?"

I started laughing so hard I couldn't even talk. "Do you mean Michael Jackson?"

he says, "ya ya, that girl!!"