Tuesday, March 24, 2009

bear and lake and more logan

I know I just posted about Logan a couple of weeks ago, but what can ya say...we've been dang lucky to be able to go there again. This time we hit up Bear Lake to stay at a cabin, thanks to Kelley and Candice Marsh, and was able to go four wheeling before we went to Logan. It was awesome. There's just something about "being away" from home I guess that makes it way more exciting. Here are some pics of four wheeling up at the cabin and then all the friends that met up in Logan for dinner and games. (Thanks so much again Kelley and Candice for inviting us, we couldn't have asked for a better time with you guys!!)Thanks so much Todd and Brittany for having us up again. I can honestly say, hands down, that was one of the funniest weekends I've had in a dang long time. I'm still freakin laughing just thinking about it.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

cherelle's new babe

One of my very good friends, Cherelle just had the cutest little baby girl this last week, Kynlee! We are so dang happy for her! Some of us girls went to take a sneak peak while she was still in the hospital. Man, I just can't believe our friends are starting to have kids! And I can't believe I still feel like I'm 14. I guess some people just mature faster than others...um. Here's a few pics of the cute new baby and Cherelle! They are both so beautiful! You could have never guessed she just had a baby. She looked so good and was doing awesome! We're so excited for you Cherelle!!

This last picture is my friend Racquel's little boy. He's just like his mom, little and fetching cute! I was carrying him out of the hospital and he was just resting his little head on me. Even though in this picture it looks like I'm shoving his head against me and just forcing him to love me. I literally couldn't get enough of it, I made them take a picture. I'm just loving all of my wonderful friends and there beautiful kids! You just can't help but get baby starving while being around them.

Monday, March 9, 2009

friends in logan.

This weekend we spent up in Logan with our good friends, Todd and Brittany. Me, Brad, Tim and Rachel all drove up Saturday, spent the night..and went to church with them. It's impossible to not have fun with these guys! We stayed up till freakin 3 in the morning, something I literally haven't done since High School, me and Brad didn't even stay up that late while dating. We went out for some din din, played some games and chatted till the wee hours of the night. The guys started playing Blitz Football around midnight and the girls went out and drove around Logan and talked all night on some blankets at a look out point. It reminded me so much of high school, it was such a dang good night!The next morning Brittany made some INCREDIBLE German Pancakes. I never had them before and they were so fetching good! Went to church and headed out. It was such a good weekend, we're lucky to have such good friends that we can see a lot. Thank you so much Todd and Brittany for all the fun! We couldn't have asked for more! :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Diabetic Diet

A little shout out to all of you who, once upon a time looked at my Diabetic Diet blog that I made. Well, I've decided to go at it FULL FORCE now! I feel lately I have had an overload on wonderful, healthy tid bits of information. I need to get some out in the open because it has all been so great to know and I feel like everyone could use an extra boost to a healthy lifestyle:). So, this post is just a basic F.Y.I in case you gave up on that site a long time ago.......like me.