Monday, October 22, 2007

BYU Game

Me and Brad hit up the BYU game this past Saturday! Umm, sure didn't know it was going to snow that day! Brad thought the traffic would be nasty so we, yup decided to leave 2 and a half hours early and it took us the usual 30 minutes to get there. So of course we had to sit out in the bleachers until the game started while we were freezing our faces off! But even though it was way cold, we still had a way good time!

Notice there is not one soul behind us..well, this was 2 hours before the game started, so don't think the bleachers were that empty the whole time, we just needed something to think about so we weren't dwelling on the snot running down our faces.. and decided to take some pics.

Here are some of Brad's freinds that we met up with at the game. Jory and Brian, they made the game even more fun when they showed up!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bear Lake with the Friends

This past weekend we went up to Bear Lake to spend the weekend at Tori and Ryan's cabin. This has been the third year we have all done this, it has started to become a tradition and it always ends up being a BLAST! We have these little traditions that we all end up doing-starting with carving pumpkins of course.
We always watch a scary movie too to get the Halloween feeling going. Another game we play that is tradition is the Dare game. I recommend it to everyone! What we do is we scatter out some cards and face them down. We go around each person and we each pick up a card until someone flips over the Ace of Spades. That person that ends up pulling that card has to do a dare that we all decide on. It always is so fun and I honestly hope to always keep this game a tradition! If you want to see more pictures, go to Tori and Ryan Goodrich's Blog..

would have had more pictures but I went to delete a picture and it ended up erasing every picture that we had in our camera...ticked! I was ticked, but thanks goodness I blog or else we wouldn't have any pictures:). Here is a picture of the group with all there pumpkins! (Ryan and Tori, Brad and me, Dave and McCall, Kelly and Melissa, and Jordan)

Saturday, October 6, 2007

the perfect slap...

Ok, Well, today is Conference and usually all the guys in Brad's family, which is basically his whole family but his mom, play some football. They decided to play in Provo this time which was fine, my plans were going to be consisted of getting ready and going over to my house to hang out, well Brad calls and tells me he accidently grabbed the keys to our one and only car, so now i'm literally stuck in our apartment till after he gets home from Priesthood just thinking of things to of course I resort to blogging!

So now let me explain the pictures, Hahaha-in high school me and my freinds would always cup our hands and slap right in the middle of the love-handles right on the lower part of the spine. Ok, so maybe I would just do that to my freinds to get a reaction, but last night I remember that old slapparooni so I decided to try it on Brad-of course his first reaction was to scream out in pain, but then once we pulled up his shirt to take a look at what I had done, we both burst out laughing and we couldn't stop from the hand mark that was left so perfectly on his back. You might not get the kick out of it that we got, but we couldn't get over how perfect my hand looked on his skin. I know...random, but I couldn't resist share my happiness from that hand print. I guess it just goes to show I sure don't know my own strength:)