Thursday, May 31, 2012

bon iver concert!

 tuesday night we hit up the bon iver concert with stace, dave, jordan and melissa.  it was held at the red butte was such a beautiful surrounding! stace and dave scored these incredible VIP tickets.  we didn't even have to wait in line in the bathrooms because we were so VIP, ha. it was incredible to say the least. his music, i dare say, is actually better live.  plus he was hilarious. they gave such a superb performance and every time i felt a rumble in my heart from the loud speakers, my little girl would kick.  i imagine she was jammin out too. i pray she loves music as much as i do. 

thank you so much sterm for inviting us!! it was truly a night we'll remember.  and the laughing nonstop throughout the night was only the biggest bonus. i needed some good belly laughter. thank you, thank you!

***if you've never listened to his music before, here's a little sample of one of my all time favorite songs..his music is mesmerizing.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

what i've been loving this week..

 i know that everyone must feel like this when they move into their first home, but gosh..we're obsessed.  the hard wood floors draping this house, all the beautiful windows and natural light, the trees surrounding the house, and the old creaks and feel of the home.  i will eventually put up pictures, but for right now we're just trying to get everything in place and organized. one night when we were both sick, it was about 2 in the morning and i woke up to brad coughing.  it was pitch dark and without moving an inch i said with a crackling voice, "remember how we bought a house?" i heard a little laugh from brad and he said, "i can't believe this is ours." and that was it. we both just went back to sleep. i hope this love lasts for as long as we live in it.

of course i'm loving feeling this baby move all the time, and flinch when i laugh loud.  i was even blazing a song by florence and the machine the other day while i was driving and there was a part that boomed the speakers so loud i felt her whole body twitch and kind of reflex from the sound.  i felt so bad i kept apologizing out loud and rubbing my belly. i think it scared the bajeebs out of her. that's when it hit me my days of listening to music extremely loud are numbered.
i'm also loving all the cottage cheese that's spreading around my body like a disease.  i love how my arms are getting to the point that when they're laying against my body they look as wide as my thighs.  i also love that every time i laugh way hard and cough i pee a little bit.  but more than anything, i love that my exertion level is the same as a 90 year old woman which leaves me breathing hard after wiping my own bum.

and last but not least, i've been loving more than anything waking up, opening all the windows and turning on this song. i love it while cleaning, organizing, and doing little projects around the house. i try with all my life to match her vibrato. it's the craziest vibrato i've ever heard.  i love it. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

happy late mothers day!

happy mothers day mamma.
i can't wait to call you every day so you can help me know what the heck i'm doing with my own kid.

we had an awesome day cooking for my mom on sunday.  all of the kids had a hand in it which was sweet to see everyone coming together while my mom was sitting on the stool, watching us, asking everyone if they needed help. that's just like her. she was uncomfortable to be served and waited on, which i thought was cute. and of course she was super grateful.
big bonus, we got to hear from rob.  he's still as hilarious as ever, but with a mature spiritual twist. i like the new rob.  i think he was just shocked that none of us had changed and we were all still as crude as ever on the phone.

i hope all you motha's had a fantastic mothers day and got everything you wanted:).

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

packing up and getting the hill outta here.

i like this picture.  sometimes i get freaked out at parenthood and know i'll forget everything i thought i needed to know when she arrives.  but then this picture comes up, and i feel so at ease thinking of who the father is.

well, we're officially moving.  i've been packing for quite some time now.  it literally takes me hours and hours to pack a couple of boxes.  being pregnant makes me feel like i need a nap between every single thing i lift. so you can pretty much guarantee i'm moving around like molasses these days. next week we'll be settled in and starting our new life over in sugarhouse.  i can't and won't even begin to tell you how many times me and brad drive by our house every day. it's already home to us. and we're counting down the minutes until it's officially ours.