Tuesday, November 20, 2012

plays, dances, and snow.

hey peeps! man i suck at blogging. but i must say, it's been awesome. the no-blogging thing, i mean. i'm not worried about what to post, or making sure i'm taking a lot of pictures wherever we go. we're just living.  it's funny though, the less i blog, the more i write in my actual journal.  which has been kind of nice. it feels old school.

ivy has been growing, and in our eyes getting cuter and cuter every day. i must say, i'm so grateful i'm able to stay home with her.  it's become a luxury that i know, in this day, is starting to become more rare. (for you moms that work, i have the most highest respect for you. promise.).

we went to the wedding singer at a school play that one of our young woman was is.  i was actually kind of surprised at how provocative it was, but it was fun to see how much talent are in these younger kids. brads little brother, russ, is engaged and she is quite the dancer.  we've been to her performances and they have literally left me CRAVING to dance my butt off. even though i ripple a heck of a lot more than i used to, dancing is still so fantastic to me. speaking of rippling, i have hit the plateau of a lifetime.  for you moms that gained and lost, did you hit a big plateau where you're body just all of a sudden refused to lose weight? and if so, how did you get passed it? because the eating healthy and exercising daily isn't doing the trick anymore. the joys of pregnancy.

anyways, ivy just woke up and i literally got giddy to put her post-nap-soft-cheeks against mine. life is good with that little girl around...

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Teandra said...

I feel the same way. I have no desire to blog even though it's so far behind, but i've been writing religiously in my journal, every detail. ivy is so cute!