Friday, November 2, 2012

halloween! and some other stuff.

i cannot fathom halloween is over. time is flying. seriously flying.
this year we had our, what's becoming an annual, halloween dinner with the halls.  
gosh they can freaking cook. 
i'm not kidding. like, foods my taste buds have never dreamed of. meals that i would literally pay 30 dollars a plate for. they spoil us rotten. that was the first time we left ivy at home with a sitter. when we were there eating and playing games, it felt as though our lives had never even skipped a beat. i was hyper like i always am, and we were crude like we always are. then the feeling of engorgement set in and for a minute there, we almost forgot we had the sweetest little baby waiting for us at home. 

halloween was fun this year! we didn't have our annual Halloween bash, but we did have some neighbors over with some soup and games, and finished the night with a Hitchcock movie. it's always so fun getting to know new people. i've always loved it.  there were times i was laughing so hard i almost started gagging from one of our neighbors. he surprised us all with his fantastic humor. and was making us laugh the entire night. those are the kinds of surprises i love when it comes to meeting new people. 

this was the first year we actually bought candy and handed it out to trick-or-treaters.  every. single. time our doorbell rang, you bet your freaking butt my heart skipped a beat and i ran to the door with my bowl of candy.  i think one time i actually gave a kid 10 pieces. i loved it. and i can speak for brad when i say, we felt so grown up handing out candy to all of our neighbor kids. hope you guys all had a fantastic halloween night too!

that last picture is ivy after the "party". she was pooped from all the king sized candy bars i let her eat. 
bless her life. 

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Maren said...

Ivy is too sweet! (TOO SWEET? Get it? Halloween? Okay, it's a stretch). She is super cute though. And I'm glad you guys had a great Halloween! And thanks for your post on my blog. I can't imagine anyone not laughing at your sense of humor. You're the best!