Monday, April 30, 2012

san francisco 2012.


gosh i seriously love san francisco. which by the way, i think i was spelling wrong in my last post, ha. this trip was everything i had hoped for to say the least.  brad had seminars every day till 5, which let me walk in the mornings along the bay, get some chocolate croissants for breakfast at ghirardelli's, eat some fresh crab at the crab walk while over looking the docks, and just relax.

every day i met with the concierge to surprise brad with what we were going to do that night. so when he was done, i surprised him with reservations at some of the nicest restaurants (thanks to brads job) over looking the water front, dinner at tony's pizza in little italy at north beach, sundaes at ghirardelli's and fresh crab on the sand.  this trip was for sure more relaxing then the last, which we both agreed that's exactly what we wanted.

p.s. highlight of the trip: when i was in nothing but my "underwear" and i heard a knock at the door thinking it was brad coming up for lunch.  nope, instead it was room service and i literally opened the door just standing there in my "underwear". judging by her face, i don't think that woman had ever seen two things, 1. garments, and 2. national geographic pregnant bosoms.  and may i remind you that i haven't made the purchase of maternity underwear yet, so i'm sure she was confused beyond measure why i was wearing, what she thought was my 2 year old childs silk pajamas.

Monday, April 23, 2012

going back to san fransisco.

i'm off to san fransisco to meet up with brad! he's already there for work, so it's going to be awesome to meet up with him. gosh i love san fransisco. please bless we move there one day. and it's even better because we get to stay an entire week right on fishermans warf.

it's weird to think that this will be our last little ditty before i pop this child out. even though i'll look like a beached whale, it's going to be awesome to just get away and relax.  and be together.

and oh ya.......we bought a freaking house. which explains my lack of wanting to blog....ever. it's quite the time consumer. i can't believe how fast we're growing up.  or at least pretending to be grown ups.  our closing date is may 15th, so we're still hoping everything goes through.  but i'll tell you what, me and brad have never been this excited for anything..well, ok...this little baby brought quite a lot of excitement, but it's incredible that we'll have a place to call our own for who knows how long.  it's in sugarhouse and the second we move in, i'll get some pictures going:). it's our dream house that we didn't even know existed until we walked through it and fell insanely in love.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

park city with friends

it's a wonderful thing to meet so many people through our ward. this group was a freaking hoot.  we had dinner and walked up main street for some ice-cream at cows. all i can say is...walking up main street had me feeling like i was running a marathon while smoking 2 packs of cigarettes. this baby's getting heavy.  but seeing her sucking her thumb on the ultrasound makes it well worth it.

Monday, April 2, 2012

millies for a date.

friday night we hit up millies burgers. 
if you’ve never gone, sprint..don’t run!
they have incredible burgers and don’t even get me started on the shakes. 

anyways, the weather was so superb we thought it a good idea to walk off the meal and admire some cute sugarhouse neighborhoods with those trees draping over the roads. mmm, i love those trees.  
on our way back the sunset was so beautiful not to notice, so we stopped at east high school and sat on the hill to watch the sunset go down. 

it was a superb night with my lover. considering these type of nights are numbered now.
i'm sure we'll be too busy wiping poop off our faces to even notice the sunset after this little bundle of gladness comes into our lives.

general conference

there's nothing more reassuring to me than seeing, with my own eyes, 
20,000 lds members coming together for the soul purpose of wanting to be better members, 
better people, and closer to our Heavenly Father through the prophets and apostles. 
it brought tears to my eyes seeing so many people.