Wednesday, January 14, 2009

!!!!!!!!!!!OUR TRIP TO KAUAI!!!!!!!!!

(Just a warning, this post is long, so please don't hesitate to skim)

As much as I LOVE looking at every one's blog, I am a picture lover, I tend to breeze through and just look at all the pictures, so if your like me...I'm sorry, I'll TRY to write as less as possible.

To start with, we were dreading having to pay for our rental car, because we are both under 25 so the amount doubled to rent a car for a week. So we get off our airplane at 10:30 at night and go straight to pick up our car. So the guy goes out to get our car and comes back and says, "We are out of economy cars, would you mind driving a convertible for the week?" ummm, we literally acted like we just won the lottery! We were going nuts! We were so excited, and please don't think we didn't use every excuse in the book to drive it!! We felt like kings.
This picture was taken about 10 ft from our really was too good to be true!

This next picture was HANDS DOWN our most favorite hot dog place! The best hot dog I have ever had in my life!! I've always been obsessed with hot dogs, but these dogs were made with Hawaiian relishes......ASASDFJA;FIAWEFASDJFASJF promise I want one so bad right now!

So about a week before we left, we found out our cousins were going to Kauai for there Honeymoon the exact same week as us. What are the fetchin chances?! So we ended up hanging out a few times, which we were honestly thrilled about!! One of the funnest things we did was go on this rope swing into this little pool from a river, down this little hidden trail. Absolute blast!

These next pics are of the Luau with Jeff and Kelsey!

These next pictures were of the hikes we took and all the awesome sights we saw along the way

Our favorite beach was called Tunnels beach, did most of our snorkeling here. Priceless, I still can't believe we went.

Some good hot spots that we loved..

(These pictures above, the beach had BLACK sand! Pictures don't do justice, but it was the craziest thing to see in real life)
Well guys, I might have to say that we felt like the worlds luckiest people! It was, by far, THE BEST trip I have ever been on in my life. Everything worked out smoothly, we just loved being able to do what we wanted and the time we felt like, and couldn't get enough of being on a practically deserted island with just us 2. Paradise. Simply Paradise. I recommend, to every person and there dog, to go to Kauai before you die. On almost every beach we were the only ones. No tourists, no traffic, no stress. Highly recommend it.