Tuesday, June 10, 2008

So Long, Farewell..

Go get em Russ!!! It's so great to see him growing up and experience the mission! The MTC was great with the family but even better to see how excited and anxious Russ was to just get out there and get started! That's a good sign right? :) But I have to be honest, my absolute favorite part was seeing the 6 rows of girls bawling there eyes out to see him leave. Jokes, but I'm sure there were a few! He's going to make such an outstanding missionary and I don't have a doubt in my mind that he will give it his all!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Big One Year

Its absolutely true what they say, time flies when your having fun! I can't believe its been a whole year! I remember when we were first married, we had a lot of people come up to us and tell us how hard the first year is. If our first year is the hardest, sign me up for eternity:).
We thought it only appropriate to go to Zermatt since that's where we went for out honeymoon. But I'll be honest, this time around was 100% better then our honeymoon. I think its because the whole time we weren't shocked at what the heck just happened that day and hoping with all our lives we made the right decision.

Brad had never ridden a horse before so I surprised him with a horse ride up in the mountains. I promise I was more excited though to show off my horse skills in front of Brad and the tour guide. Of course I got put with the worlds crappiest horse. Every 2 seconds it would stop and eat the grass on the side of the trail and no matter how hard I pulled on its huge head, it wouldn't budge. So not only was I behind the whole time, but I looked like an idiot just sitting on the horse while it ate the whole time. The scenery was stunning though and it really was fun to be there with Brad.

Later that day we did some hard core golf, umm ok, just miniature-but its always a real treat. (we tried to look at professional as possible, and yes, I did tell Brad to pose for the Blog when I was taking these pictures)

We found the cutest little bakery to eat lunch at, so I felt it only appropriate to take a good old picture.
I used to be a firm believer of thinking that anyone would be just fine marrying anyone, but now that I have Brad, I seriously believe there is such thing as soul mates:). I couldn't be more grateful that I married someone that has become my best friend. I know everyone says this, but I really do get excited for the next year together.