Friday, January 4, 2013

i've officially let my blog have the last priority in my life

hey everyone! man i suck at blogging. which is funny because it seems like now i actually have things i want to document. like when ivy pooped in the bath, or how me and brad made her laugh so hard she started drooling, or how christmas and new years was a riot. instagram is just so much easier though.

there were a couple of days before we took off, to spend with family for christmas, when it was just the 3 of us. the snow made it feel so cozy inside. it felt peaceful and quiet.  it's funny how sometimes the snow can bring that feeling. ivy was/is ob-sessed with watching the snowfall so it seemed like all we did was stare out the window those couple of days. she was mesmerized.

anyways, here are some pictures from those couple of days that felt perfect to us. i love with all my life when it's just us 3.

 and the reason why it looks like i didn't do my hair at all in one of these pictures is because...well...i didn't.